Yet more stench around Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, May 26, 2017.

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  1. "It's all a misunderstanding, I thought it meant I would get a piece of this deal, that deal, that deal, that deal..."
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  2. When's enough filthy lucre enough?
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  3. Why be a millionaire when you can be a billionaire
    Why be a billionaire when you can be a trillionaire
    Why be a trillionaire.....
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  4. For people like Blair, it's not money - it's a way of keeping score.

    There will never be enough so long as someone else has more.
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  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Stop picking on someone who has given years of his life to slaving for his fellow members of the working class.
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  6. Slightly bemused that people are surprised that Blair has "hidden depths".

    Obviously they are all above board and tickety-boo.

    On the bright side, he still has to face the Booth creature almost every morning.
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  7. Years ago we had a non-stick frying pan, it was brilliant:chef: But eventually the surface lost efficiency and stuff started to stick to it. First a little then a lot.

    How much sticky stuff has Teflon Tony shrugged off over the years? From Mr Ecclestone's kind donation just before F1 escaped the smoking ad ban back in nineties onward.

    mind you Mr Blair said he was a pretty straight kind of guy, so its probably nothing to worry about.

    But one lives in hope.
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  8. When you can rule the world?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Only a stench? How did this revelation improve the air quality in his proximity?
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  10. The only time I want to see the words "stench" and "blair" in the same sentence would be when it describes his own rotting flesh
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  11. why is this piece of offal still breathing, "is there no man in Christendom who will rid us of this troublesome piece of garbage?
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  12. Nah, we are going to see just exactly how far he can backtrack on everything he has done during his miserable existence so far. Proof that he is the ultimate whore.
    Other whores are available, I think.
    Apologies to them for lumping them in with this piece of crap.
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  13. All criminals will eventually come un-stuck, the higher up the greasy pole the further the fall, John stonehouse, Profumo, J Archer, J Atkins and a host of others could not dodge the inevitable, it will take time as long as the taxpayer is funding his protection team, once that is withdrawn, he will go down, hard, we hope, that day is coming faster than he thinks. The amount of sheer hate and bile that this object is piling up waiting to descend on his head is incredible, and the faceless establishment that are shielding him are beginning to realise just what a Hugh millstone they are protecting.
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