Yet more spending cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by A2_Matelot, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. A2_Matelot

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  2. They're making an assumption that they will win the General Election of 2015...
  3. I was a Labour councillor, but do you think they have learnt anything out of power? Christ, Thatcher had them out for years and they came back and made the same old mistakes... nothing changes in the UK.
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  4. We ended compulsory apprenticeships circa 1820. A few years later our industrial supremacy waned. And we introduced mandatory state education. Since then (Mid 19th century) we have been in decline. At the time of beating Napoleon we had one constable (chosen by the people) to every 14,000 citizens. Later (Just before we created state education) we created state policing with state imposed constables. And we have been in decline ever since. Now we have so many sodding constables they are available to feature in any number of fly on the wall documentaries.

    When there is a petrol shortage we are told that teachers and police are "key workers".

    Key workers are those who keep infrastructure going. Power, gas, water, sewage disposal. Those who produce and distribute food. Key economy workers are those in industry and commerce. Teachers and Police are semi skilled support clerks.

    Social workers are a blight on the Realm and must be outlawed.

    Sociology must be banned as a subject as it is snake oil sales.

    Ditto media studies. Law must be properly classified as semi skilled clerical work. Judges and lawyers pay to be set at national minimum wage.

    Soldiers are to be given a pay rise. Royal Marines, Royal Navy and RAF pay to be on a sliding scale adjudged by the percentage of excellence they achieve compared to the Army. (80% being their top available rating to give them something to aspire to)

    Constables must be selected by the people by elections as is the power of the people currently on loan to the state.

    All soft option school and university subjects to be banned and the parasitic teachers of the subjects sacked without compensation. The State and the Lottery to be banned from subsidizing arts.

    Unemployed people only allowed use of vehicles to attend interviews. If they get a job vehicle usage rights to be restored.

    Drug pushers to be subjected to death penalty.

    Kent Police Chief constables to be appointed only on probation throughout their typically useless tour of duty.

    Kent Police (even after selection by the people) to be electronically tagged to detect night shifts on pub lock ins and sojourns in the single nurses' quarters. (And detect them running away to leave bouncers to deal with the trouble)

    Counsellors to be banned except for the wives of Kent Police officers (the wives are a special case for sympathy)

    Mandatory drug testing of police especially for steroids. Any officer found to be using steroids ? Yep death penalty.

    Otherwise the country could wait too long and be forced into draconian measures.
  5. You are a complete and utter fruitloop.

    I genuinely think you have mental problems and should see a doctor soonest to be assessed for mental treatment.
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  6. Were you arrested in Kent for trying to form a Maoist cult?
  7. Either that or he's been reading too much Robert Heinlein...
  8. God forbid!
  9. I just fell off my chair.
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  10. Tell you what, let's rip into the policies. Nobody has a better idea but if we bang on about class war stereotypes in a condescending manner, it won't matter.
  11. The best idea I've seen for getting the economy back on track is to give everyone £10,000. They then use that to write off their debts, buy things, do stuff, thus getting money circulating back into the local economies.

    It seems sensible, it will rid us of a lot of 'zombie' earners, and it has a pretty good chance of sorting out the mess. So it's never going to happen.
  12. Personally, I'd stick it in the bank and leave it there.
  13. Not while we are in the UKESSR I wouldn't!
  14. I agree with Michael Heseltine, the UK is still too rich to get off its arse and do something about it. Nobody in this country is starving, even those living in "poverty" still have tv's in every room and a drawer full of fags. People on the whole are lazy, they follow the path of least resistance until something happens forcing them off their arses. The decline will continue no matter which party is in power, the rest of the world will pass us (bar Europe) until we really are hungry.
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