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Yet More Sleeze Coming out? This time Bro.....


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Looks like public money has been spent by the Treasury on pollsters who have asked questions that assist a certain Lower than a snakes belly Jock in his personal political ambitions....

From Guy Fawke's....clicky clicky....

Opinion Leader Research have got back to Guido and they say nobody paid for that research. They just asked questions slanted to favour Gordon for no particular reason. They also say they won their lucrative HM Treasury contract and the Bank of England contract in a competitive tendering process.

They won't say why the Treasury needs pollsters, what they poll about, or how much they have been paid.

Guido could understand if the Treasury needed statisticians, but pollsters? Perhaps the Bank of England would be interested in measuring, say for example, people's inflation expectations, but their opinions? If public money has been spent by the Treasury on pollsters who have asked questions that assist Gordon in his personal political ambitions, that would be a massive breach of the Ministerial Code bordering on corruption. If it were to be proved that the payments to do something innocuous were effectively a hidden subsidy covering the costs of doing polling on issues of interest to Gordon Brown for no particular reason it would be scandalous. ...........................

..................... It is becoming increasingly clear that the taxpayer has been paying, via the Treasury, for Gordon's polling and spin, all tightly coordinated via the Smith Institute to promote the Brownite political agenda. This is abuse of office.

Abuse of Office ffs? more like fraud if true......

Start of the story on Guy Fawkes......More Clicky....
This story merely touches the surface.

There's a whole lot more to come out about the use of these appointees and 'Special Advisors'.

'Competitive tender'? You'd be seriously deranged to believe that.

Manipulation of public (our) money is a G Brown speciality.
Anyone witness to a SpAd campaigning for their boss during working hours should do the right thing, and inform Guido below :thumright:

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