Yet more scum surfaces

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bjw824, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Ah, now I know where Naffi get thier burgers from, mine always tasted of horseshat, I must have always got the ropey end of the deal.....
  2. Why is this "traveller" living in a farm and why is he still breathing the same oxygen as the rest of us?

    Put him in a small crate and leave him to die.
  3. Pikeys, you've just got to love them!
  4. They all need to be put down.

    The pikey and his family that is, not the horses.
  5. Why is it that this sort of dross is classified as "news"? I really couldn't give a flying fcuk if some pikey has abused a bunch of nags, not unless he's made a porno vid out of it.

    Why is it so evil and heartless to abuse animals? The comedy opportunities are endless and they cant bubble you like humans.

    Animals - if God didn't want us to abuse them they'd have the cattle prods, not us.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good old RSPCA - my fcuking arrse!! They had calls too numerous to mention about this, and yet did bugger-all. Despite the evidence, the oxygen thieving pikey got off.

    So, how many horses and other animals have died in terrible conditions before this actually got stopped?
  7. Seems odd that he would allow the animals to get so emaciated if he was intending to sell them on to the meat market. One of those daft ideas gone wrong perhaps?

    No doubt he will end up in court and made to pay for his mistreatment of animals ... the usual couple of hundred quid fine and banned from keeping animals for five years.

    Pikey tw@t!
  8. mmmmm...........Horse meat.....Get in the pot! Can all the horsey type please fcuk off to horse and hound magzine and have a good bleat with the rest of the "Disgusted, From Boring on the Hill"
  9. I once reported a "hobby farmer" to the RSPCA. He had two horses and a donkey starving to death on a bare patch of wintery mud. They had no water. The horses were covered in stinking sores and the donkey had hooves like long turkish slippers. Every bone was clearly visible on all three of them. The RSPCA man eventually ventured out of his warm carpeted office after my third call. He turned up in his brand new van wearing a shiny new uniform. He surveyed the sorry animals from the roadside and said "they look all right to me!" He then fucked off for lunch.

    That was the total involvement of the RSPCA. All three animals were later destroyed by the local vet acting out of indignation after an anonymous call. The owner was filled in later that week in the pub, I can't say who did it, I was too busy myself with a broken hand!

    RSPCA officers, you are parasites and tos'sers and you know it!
  10. he was maybe aiming at the 'slimming market'...extra lean horse mince! :D
  11. Two rabbits one day escape from the testing laboratory.

    They see a field of carrots and one says,
    "What luck! a field of delicious, juicy carrots after a year of laboratory food."
    They tuck in and eat until they can eat no more.

    They hop to the next field and, would you believe it, it's full of beautiful female rabbits!
    "I can't believe it", says one rabbit,
    "Female rabbits after a year of isolation in the laboratory."
    A day of happy rabbit, 'sack emptying' then begins.

    They go to the next field and one rabbit says,
    "You know what mate, I want to go back to the testing laboratory."
    His mate says,
    "WHAT! we have freedom, females, juicy carrots, sun, fields etc...
    Why do you want to go back?"

    "Well" he says,
    "It's been two days since I've had a cigarette and I'm gagging for one."

    boom boom
  12. [​IMG]

    Fecking Pikeys! They're everywhere! :x
  13. Hm. I personally don't mind people killing animals, including horses, for food. I do have a problem with keeping animals in such conditions, even if they are only destined for the pot.

    The man is sub human scum, and it is not only the Horse and Hound readers who are disgusted by it.

    PS. for good measure, my family own several butchers shops and our own abetoir. So I am no stranger to killing and the end product, perhaps unlike some who don't really know where their meat comes from.

    And I am still hoping to find this cnut hanging off a hook in a fridge with his ankles cut, or perhaps peering out of a freezer, his hand poised in the last knock on the glass he was able to coax out of his fast freezing arm.
  14. I'm torn between "R.I.P Dobbin, we'll meet at the great roundup in the sky" and "I'm outraged".

    sgd Outraged and Bereaved of Tunbridge Wells.