Yet more PC bollox

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. and a cracker at that.

    "A school trip for about 70 pupils has been cancelled because of potential legal action over the exclusion of a disabled child in the group.

    The stay at an outdoor activity centre in the Cairngorms has been held annually for children at Inverness's Crown Primary.

    Highland Council has cancelled the trip to Craggan to avoid the action.

    BBC Scotland understands that the child's parents claimed it breached disability discrimination laws.

    It is understood they claimed their child would not have been physically able to take part. "

    "An alternative trip to Glasgow has also been cancelled. "

    On that logic a single disabled pupil disqualifies every abled bodied pupil in a school from taking part in any activity that the disabled one could not participate in.

    Well done. We really are a fcuked up place thanks to this kind of idiocy.
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I am sorry mate, the Outrage bus does not have an off-road capability so it will just have to stay VOR for now.
  3. It's totally ridiculous bullshit like this that makes me wonder if there's going to be a peak to the stupidity and then everything will return to normal (i.e. common sense), or whether things will just continue to become ever more surreal.

  4. I like to think that one day, hopefully soon, the nation will rise up against this sort of thing and forcibly return things to a common sense status.

    I live in hope
  5. Bugsy, this is your socialism at work, socialists have allowed and encouraged this sort of thing.
  6. Me too! :evil:
  7. So because one is unable to do it none of them can, surely the diversity mantra says that we are all different, and some do things that some can or some cannot it is part of how we all are, perhaps we should stop Usain Bolt running so fast because lots cannot. Can feel a big herumph coming on
  8. The parents who complained must be a right pair of dorks
  9. Think that they may have gone to the top of the least popular list by doing this
  10. 'The parents who complained must be a right pair of dorks'

    Like the mother of that ginger haired kid and the Tesco Christmas card.
  11. So you're saying that the ownership of socialism, belongs to Bugsy and that only socialists have allowed and encouraged this?

    Or are you trying to bait him and derail a thread? :roll:
  12. Not derailing the thread, but this is an example of the socialism that Bugsy is so fond of at work.
  13. I really think you're wrong there, Spiffy. If you want to see full-blooded, stiff-armed, goose-stepping, frighteningly PC Old Bill and gobment workers, go to America or Austria - which are not countries noted for their Socialist history.

    "PC" in itself has nothing to do with any political or social doctrine, but rather with what folks can do to impose their own will on others. Or are you really seriously maintaining that this "PC" madness stems solely from Socialist tendencies?

    Don't derail the thread, mucker. If you want to discuss Socialism, start a thread on it and I'll be there, absolutely guaranteed. :)

  14. Brilliant 69 kids have just had there holiday ruined just so some parents can get outraged about a minor details WELL DONE YOU.
  15. This really make my blood boil!

    I'm disabled, have pretty much been since the year dot. There where a lot of things I couldn't do at school but I always participated to the best of my ability. This really is the height of PC gone mad! So the kid cant go on this trip (I assume its gonna be a outdoorsy type trip and the nipper is wheelchair bound) If there was anything I wasnt able to my school tried to arrange something else for me to do, this happened very rarely in fact I can only think of one time and I ended up going to the museum for the day with my science teacher and we had a ball (ahhh the lovely Miss Lofthouse :D ). This is only going to drive a wedge between the kids cause the rest of the group are gonna resent the kid whos parents kicked this off.