Yet More Lanyards

Hello chaps - brief lanyard question here. Can anybody tell me about the origin of the dark blue lanyard worn by the PWRR? Do any of Camilla's Killers use this site?

Any info will be gratefully received.
Well I have heard that it has something to do with the Royal Marines. :? Which is quite bizarre. Perhaps a forebear regiment served as Marines?
As an old Queen’s soldier I can say that the blue lanyard came from us going back to the 2nd of Foot. Then grade one soldiers, officers and NCOs only wore it.

Many years ago when I was still young :lol: the regiment served as marines at the battle of Glorious First of June. This association was continued with HMS Excellent and the RM. There was always an officer on exchange with the regiment and the RM and each year a cricket match between HMS Excellent and the first Bn.

The lanyard is not from the RM but because we served as marines.
worm-on-a-stick said:
not sure but i know the Queens (who made up the PWRR) stable belt colour was blue so it might be from them?

don't know if this helps
and Royal Hampshires!!! Made up PWRR not just Queens! hence the Hampshire rose on the cap badge

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