Yet more helicopter news... UK signs £300m deal for Pumas

Upgrade only, apparently

The UK Ministry of Defence has signed a £300 million ($479 million) contract to upgrade at least 28 of its Eurocopter Puma HC1 transport helicopters with more powerful engines and improved cockpit systems.

Eurocopter UK will act as prime contractor for the effort, which will deliver its first aircraft to the Royal Air Force within two years and have half of the improved fleet in use by the end of 2012. The last modernised aircraft will be handed over by December 2014, the company says.
Source: Flight Global

Cynic in me says cheaper than new ones but if they're going to get some(more) hammer, then sensible. Possibly.
Utter waste of money on a well past it's sell by date cab…

We could buy the same number of refurbed and far more useful Wokkas from the Yanks for the same money. The Canucks bought theirs for about £10 million a piece last year.

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