Yet more gun shootings over night

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_0ne, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. So basically the governments knee jerk reaction of banning handguns from legally abiding FAC holders really worked then? bLiar pratts :frustrated:

    The government caused a lot of friction between legal FAC holders and those who want a wolley wrapped society that rehabilates the firearms offenders. Basically there has to be a heavy sentence for offenders......25 to 30 years without possibility of parole before this sentence. Police authorised firearms officers not being chained to 'non ops' duties for months whilst politics are played in a public forum to appease the relatives and media.

    If you want more shootings and generally gun related crime......carry on with the PC brigade's ethos.

    This is not just a colour thing, it's a crime event that will get out of control and very soon if proactive law is not brought into play.

  2. So, am I being a silly old fart? I used to enjoy pistol shooting and had my own wpns. Then some silly sod runs amock and slays several jock kids (tragic). Bingo. We law abiding chaps loose our rights and wpns as a result. So my point is: why can't we have them back? After all, these BoB shootings can't be done with 'legal' wpns can they? Therefore give us our pistols back and lets us go target shooting.

    Steps off soap box and trots off to matron.............
  3. Spot on Fast Medic - beat me to it!
  4. Lard,

    I was the same. Enjoyed shooting and the attached social life with fellow plinkers.

    Then .............BOOM! I am seen as a potential Michael Ryan, ready to blast Mother Theresa in the street whilst going about her saving of souls.

    It is typical of the present governments policy of form over function and bu@@er the rest of you.

    Labour cannot and will not win at the next election. Use your vote!

  5. FM - Have never and never will vote from THEM.

    I have always used by francise right wisely (IMHO)

    I have heard numerous to**ers on the radio wittering on that we (the Moral Majority) don't understand the social problems in inner ciy areas. Bollox. If by 'social problems', they mean shooting things up your arm or nose, shagging your best mastes little sister, robbing grannies and shooting at eath other for not showing 'respect', then we should wall the bastards up in whatever shitty area in which they live and let them get on with it. Why should we spend more and more of OUR money pandering to they depraved whims.

    MODS - I apologise for the naught words, but my blood is boiling - time for my Rampiril!

  6. Sorry should be 'naughty words'...........

    See you've set me off.......
  7. Solution? Issue them all with an UZI and 500 rounds on their 14th birthday and, with a little bit of luck, there'll only be one left standing after they've all shot the crap out of each other. Then we lock him up for life!

    As for Respect!! My grandkids are off to NZ - the school they'll attend has Respect as the highlight of it's motto. But it's not respect for drug dealers, gun totting hard men or wide boys that's taught - it's repect for your elders, parents and society that they learn at school in NZ. Something that seems to be sadly missing from NuLabours PC schools curriculum.
  8. Lard has a point. When the ban came in it was obvious to all legitamate shooter that it was going after the wrong people (the law abidding), would be very expensive and would be serve no useful purpose - other than make the politicians look as if they were doing something. They took the easy option of appeasing the tabloid press unstead of tackling the underlying social problems. Now nearly ten years on gun crime is worse than ever.

    Gives us back our guns - or would that look like an admission that we were right and they were wrong? It will never happen then. To**ers!

    BTW does anyone know what the final bill to HMG was after all the compensation was paid? Bet it would have paid for a few schools, hospitals and Bobbies on the beat! My compensation went to buy some fullbore rifles!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There was a lot of discusion and probably still is as to the culpability of the Firearms licensing departments in both the Hungerford and Dunblane cases. Neither were entitled to FACs and in fact local club secretaries had written to the Firearms enquiry officers to state that neither were fit to be members or hold FACs. The local level staff agreed but were overuled at Inspector level. Whether the Masonic connections had anything to do with this or the ACPO wanted this to happenwe will never know as the whole sordid thing is hidden in official secrets and notices.
    The pathetic pandering to the ban everything brigade by first Major then wet bliar sickened me. They caved into to ACPO's demands for tighter controls and if it wasnt for the FACC and the HBSA nothing would be left, no section 7 pistols, nothing. The useless spineless guts at the NRA then rolled over instead of using our money to fight the case for competitive and recreational shooting legally by the most law abiding group of society they demanded silence and compliance from us all to save target rifle. Then with the clay ground mismanagement they blew all that money to see finally what a massive financial loss pistol shootings removal was.
    W@nkers I cant explain how much I hate them and politicians.
    Its coming to the point that perhaps the only safe way to live nowadays is armed. The worst Labour hipocracy was to say that NI was exempt from the Pistol ban as it represented no danger to the public. FFS I ask you if its safe in NI in 1996 to have civilian ownership of small arms then why not the mainland.Damn I hate the politicians every last one of them.
    Not fit to wipe the floors of the hospitals that our wounded servicepersonnel arent treated in!