yet more discrimination against well built folk

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by auxie, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. I'm well built and it pisses me off when people take the piss out of me.

    Calling me such names as 'donkey dick' and 'tripod'.

    Gets right on my nerves.
  2. 23 stone? I'm not subsidising a bus company to move fat feckers that size around, even if they are the driver.

    Seems like perfectly sensible discrimination to me.
  3. 23 Stone?

    You only get that heavy if you work at it....

    Also worth noting that the BMR for a fat 23 stone person is much higher than a 13 stone person... ie they burn more calories just by lieing in bed, than a 13 stone bod doing the same thing.
  4. At 23 stone im surprised they can actually fit into the drivers area of a bus. Its not a health and safety issue it's the 30 minuets of overtime they have to pay the fat bastards everyday while they wedge the fat arrse into position.
  5. But the ruling has been described as blatant discrimination by one driver, who claims he was ordered to 'go to Tesco' and get weighed.

    The driver, who has asked not to be named, claims he was also told he could not get behind the wheel until he had shed some pounds. He said the letter advised drivers who are 20 stone to see their doctor and those over 23 stone not to drive the buses.

    I very much doubt this salad dodging drain on the NHS needs to be named - how many 23 stone lard mountains can there be wobbling around the Manchester Stagecoach depot?

    '.....the driver, who asked not to be named, was interviewed over lunch......'

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  6. Are the buses front or rear wheel drive? More weight over the driving wheels etc....
  7. if you include passengers then the list is probably quite long
  8. Hang on. It's not discrimination against 'well-built' folk because they're not. They're disgusting mountains of flab who deserve to be pilloried and ridiculed at every occasion.

    If they truly were 'well-built', why would their heart, joints, bones, pancreas, etc. pack in before a non-greedy person?
  9. more diesel used ......
  10. I know of a 26 stone security guard who has destroyed two van seats at a cost of £500 a time and was put to work in a control room - let's face it he wasn't ever going to be able to chase a scrote - where he had to have a specially reinforced swivel chair at a cost of £800. They also had to pay extra for his stab vest because, although all the guards have made to measure stab vests his had so much more material in it.
    Presumably Manchester Stagecoach feel they have a duty of care to their passengers and since the driver would be responsible for evacuating the coach in an emergency they must ensure that he is fit enough to carry out that function. Plus, with today's over-litigious society he is just as likely to sue them for not preventing him from becoming so fat.
  11. What do you mean "yet more", as if it's unreasonable to have discriminated in the first place?

    If you ("you" not YOU) want to shove doughnuts down your neck, feel free, just don't expect me to be orgasmically happy about sharing the pavement with you when you're there sweating, wheezing and grunting for breath like some kind of truffle pig. 8O
  12. If you have a vastly above average waist, it's common sense that you will injure yourself turning the wheel. Over the course of the day, it will cause a red mark on your belly, so really they are looking at the welfare of the obese driver
  13. Any examples of athletes (No Sumo wrestlers please) who weigh 20-23 stone. I just want to get an idea of what a healthy person that weight may look like in order to see how many people will really be "Discriminated" against. As if you're 23 stone due to being a fatty, you need to have a serious word with yourself.
  14. she weighs 23 stone apparently!!