Yet more CSs get a massive payout.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PE4rocks, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. No surprise really, the poor dears strained their backs or were a bit tired.

    Sunday Times

    I supose its just more SSDD. Can't honestly say I'm suprised.

    Hello. Hello? <taps mic> anybody in goverment listening?

    Thought not.

    Outrageometer has been backloaded as BER.

    (1)Same Shit Different Day
  2. So there is one set of figures for Civil Servants and ANOTHER for those in the Armed Forces, this is SO wrong!

    Bloody Suits!! .. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. There should be a civil service version of Headley Court where the useless swine get 'rehabbed.'
  4. And if there was it would be a Private Health Plan where they would have ALL the facilities they would ever need, even a Swimming Pool and 5 star accomodation for those who visit!

    Double BLOODY Standards!! .. .. :evil:
  5. What about H&S brief on lifting? Surely the stupid fecker would have known when starting the lift that it was too heavy for them!!

    My back is fooked from my service, I have a small tear in the fibrous ring that keeps the disc in its place. The tear is literally 1.5mm, but because of the location, if it gets aggravated, it causes sciatica, back pain and a whole load of other problems. The last 2 weeks has been terrible because of it, lack of sleep etc etc.

    I got something like 8k from the Veterans Agency and even when I had a review by a civvy doctor that eventually got access to my medical notes, my appeal was chucked out because I was past the 6 month point for submitting a review. This was because I had to see a couple more doctors and see about legal aid (fat chance!) because as far as the civvy doctor could see from my notes, my problem was misdiagnosed at the start and had worsened because of that fact due to improper treatment.

    I also work in IT and quite often lift printers, computers, monitors and all other kinds of IT related stuff. If I, with my permanent problem, can manage to use my noggin and THINK before doing a job such as lifting a printer, wheres the difference between me and my 8k and a fookin CS and his 212k???
  6. Worked with a few of these CS ******* in Germany. One cs project manager - who talks like a raving hom - went sick with 'stress'. Net result he gets 8 weeks fully paid sick leave. Next one got injured whilst sking - another 8 weeks full pay - paid by us the tax payers. A 9mm to the neck has to be a lot cheaper.
  7. I have a neck injury directly attributable to service. I braced myself using my left arm landing from an obstacle on a "confidence course" (formerly known as "assault" or "obstacle" courses), the impact travelling up my arm and causing the disc to rupture.

    At the time, the prescription was painkillers and rest, but a few years later the injury flared up significantly - the protruding matter was pressing on a nerve, with shooting pains down left arm, numbness in fingers and the best part of a week spent on my back unable to move (taken away to the med centre in an ambulance in fact). A battery of tests and (eventually) a MRI established the nature of the injury and I was downgraded but pushed to get the downgrading removed in late 2002. The injury flared up big time on a transatlantic flight (on work time) in late 02, and settled down after physio. It flares up occasionally, sometimes causes difficulty sleeping.

    I didn't seek compensation or any benefits at the time and will never do so, it is simply insulting when others who served have lost limbs and suffered blindness, brain injury and paralysis, and they receive scant compensation for their losses. I don't know how people can play the system in the way they do, it is sickening when people have real life-altering problems and receive limited help.

    My symptoms are episodic rather than chronic, certainly not as bad as the problem that Indigo describes and I don't want to seem to be belittling back injuries, but some people really do take the p!ss and this is an insult to those with real problems.
  8. What has a civil servant and the SA80 A1 got in common????

    They don't work and can't be fired!!
  9. Either they were moving a printer they shouldn't be moving (ie you call in teh specialist to move the IT kit (I sh1t you not) or they have been taught but didn't listen.

    Either way I can't see why a payout was needed, especially of that size.
  10. If they used the same scale for soldiers compensation given how much worse the injuries that can be suffered, physical and mental then they'd be getting millions.

    It's a pretty fecking pathetic system and shows the government really is so far up its own arrse that it's lost all sight of reality.
  11. not all civil servants are like this ask all the low paid ones how low there wages are and you will be shocked and yes i am a CS but did my 22 years in the inf I clear £845 a month spot on the minimum wage
  12. It is more the outrageous double standards mate, than a go at servants per se.
    However, the CS are the power behind the throne...

  13. Who is mong that agrees to make these payouts?
  14. What difference does it make if a CS gets a huge payout for injury. The problem isn't what Css get it's what servicemen don't, the government are the people all this bile should be directed at but it seems that a few posters on this site begrudge anyone else getting anything that they don't. Civil servants, Police , Firemen , Nurses and teachers all come under the hammer from them, well itt may surprise you to know that all these people have families and mortgages to fund the same as we squaddies and ex squaddies do and they're all screwed by Broon and co. Ex squaddies like myself who served before 1975 get no pension at all u8nless we'd served the full 22 (I did 15) but we don't begrudge today's squaddies the far better , but still inadequate, pensions they receive after 4 or 5 years. You'll probably find that a lot of Css etc are ex servicemen and sympathise with yuo so don't alienate all civvies because every one of you was and will be a civvy for the larger part of your lives.