Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SmithsRail, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Passed Selection Thread.. sorry but I'm stoked lads =] I wanted to go RA but apparently my ******* eyesight is too bad uncorrected, but I'm allowed to go Infantry? how the **** does that make sense?

  2. Close call mate. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  3. what you going to do then??
  4. What's wrong with infantry?

    You don't know until you've tried it.
  5. Both Infantry and RA are combat jobs and you obviously had picked Infantry as your second or third job choice to get offered it by the PSO. If you dont want to go infantry you can sack it and have a 14 day period to decide.

    There has to e criterias and standards for all jobs and on your Pulheems it will tell you what your eligable to do. To me it makes a lot of sense as you need good eyesight to be able to pass driving tests for the equipment you will be trained on. Just look at the pluses, you have pased ADSC, its your choice now if you decide to go infantry or not.
  6. RA Stand back, the Inf are in the thick of it, I would say there is quiet a bit of difference.
    And lets face it, with New Labour we are running out of Inf Soldiers, as well as CO's!
  7. Tell the RA lads who have been filling in for infantry units in Iraq that, especially 12 Regt last year who lost a hand full of blokes, Im not infantry or RA but by the end of the day everyone is a soldier first.

    This isnt a p*ssing contest.
  8. RA is not a *combat job* :) There are only 3 teeth arms. Infantry, Armour and AAC.
    Flame away.
  9. Errrr?
  11. just been in to the ACIO and I've got my place set for the Royal Armoured Corps, The Queens Royal Hussars, at the end of January at ATR Winchester! :D Can't fcuking wait to get in there and finish training! woohoo.....