Yet Another Walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cpt_Darling, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Seems youtube is a good hunting ground aswell, although this one is slightly different as he claims a UK/US "speshulness".

    This was his email to me...

    "Listen I never said what Special Forces unit I was in. I was sent to Tajikistan when we were deployed along with the SAS, Marine Recon, Royal Commandoa, Army Rangers, and 10th mountain division, and a handful of Navy Seals and hosted by the Northern Alliance. My name is anonymous. I come on this site to look at videos. Look at the Marines videos it is all Marines commenting. This battle is declassified and not one of the people in the uprising are actual Afghans.

    There is seven Special Forces groups not including Delta that is why I'm not afraid to say anything about my duties. Do you not realize this battle started on 11/23/01 and ended on 11728/01? This is a nineteenth century fortress built into a prison so a couple of C.I.A. agents could interrogate the prisoners. None of the people in the uprising are actual Afghans they fled there from Pakistan and other Muslim countries. This is Konduz. Northern Afghanistan which is completely under allied control to fight British and U.S.. If it was still classified I would have said nothing. Another thing you need to remember is a lot of Special Forces post on these videos. I was basically just calling whomever said this was Delta Force a dumb ass.

    You are 24 and know shit about the military. I have dual citizenship in U.K. and U.S. I was born in London and raised in U.S. My father got his graduate degree from RMA and I also attended after I graduated from college being a legacy. Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Berkshire. Thirty minutes from London. I came back to the U.S. and joined the U.S. Army infantry, was recruited as an Army Ranger, and then recruited into S.F. All it takes is an Intelligent person and physically strong. I wrestled in High School. I ran five miles everyday as a wrestler.

    You can believe I'm a beggar all you wish. I actually prefer that. What are you doing with your life though. Being a nobody that watches videos of the U.S. and fellow countrymen fight in battles from seven years ago? We told the reporters to get the fuck out of there. All they said was it wasn't our country. Look it up though see what a Special Forces troops looks like in the states. I wear my Ranger tab, My S.F. (Green Beret) tab and my special forces paratrooper badge unless in battle. A 24 year old punk calling me a beggar. Why would I boast about my profession? I could be making twice what I'm making as a Avionics technician for an Airline. I'm serving my countries like my father, Uncle's, and grandfathers before me. You simply look at videos and yes I was there. I was explaining that this was not Delta Force. Delta is Special Forces but they are counter terrorism. Get a life and look at my age. I've been doing this for eight years.
    CW-4 U.S. Army S.F."

    In your own time, go on....
  2. Judging by the grammar and syntax, I think I am perfectly OK in announcing


    Does he honestly think anyone with an ounce of common would think that anyone who went through Sandhurst would get away with that standard of writing?

  3. Get trip-wire to out him :twisted:
  4. So whats the video then? Or are my mind powers letting me down
  5. Not that I am an expert but would that many special forces groups attend at once? It just seems unusual to me.
  6. It would be a balaclava party :lol: :D :lol:
  7. Aha, I remember the video being discussed a fair bit a while ago.
    I was under the impression that that vid was purely brit blokes not an entire SF group.
    I dont think it was 2001 either, thought it was much later.

    Your mans a nobber. Youtube is a breeding ground for people with plenty of 'experience', however most of their experience is gained from playing Battlefield.
  8. Mmmm, reading that has got me all wet.

    I do like trying to read the writings of a real soldier, but you are quite right, his grammar and spelling are shocking, not what I would expect from a graduate of Sandhurst. We must not however forget that he is a Yank & therefore not expected to have the same levels of English we have.

    Maybe he is a Walt, maybe he isn't but one thing is for sure, he's a cock!! :)
  9. managed to contact him,i put it to him that he might be a walt,this is his reply:

    Thats cool. I appreciate that. I'm actually on leave from base. I wish I could live my life from the computer. Why would I boast about being military? There is no point. I rarely use the internet unless needed to write debriefs to my superior. That is your opinion. Your entitled to it. I have a lot of friends in your military in the U.K. that would tell you otherwise. The way I look at it is the less you think of me the better.
    CW-4 U.S.A.S.F.

    using an unsecured network to debrief his superiors,well each to their own.wonder if he uses bebo or facebook?
  10. Because you have a small willy, an even smaller brain and you smell like cat wee? :?
  11. Ask him he gets saluted (he's an American Warrant Officer).
  12. one things for sure.hes a bloody lemon.
  13. I was very tempted to believe the bloke's story. But then, I'm unusually gullible.

    A few bits of the story don't quite ring true, though.

    His dad got his graduate degree from RMAS. Shame he didn't say which subject.
    He gained much sought after legacy entry to Sandhurst. So why did he then join the US infantry as a private?
    After eight years, he has achieved CW-4. Not bad. That's the highest non-commissioned (arguments elsewhere!) rank in the US military apart from the bloke who tells the AcSM what to do. Remember, he didn't direct-entry to WO1, so he must have worked his way up - a route that would normally take, what, the best part of 20 years?

    Of course, he may have meant that he's been SF for 8 years with more time served before that. But then the implication is that he was in his mid-30's before being recruited into SF. Maybe he was a clerk or a chef?

    I wouldn't fancy tackling him, though. After all, he did wrestle while at college. (With what? - Maths?)
  14. Thats extremely charitable. He's an utter cock.