Yet another walt

Piece of advice for him: Go to F**king Specsavers
JESUS H CHRIST, if he plugged that he/she in the picture, then i feel quite sorry for the chap. 8O
Sharron, 36, of Chingford, East London.....................YUK!
I think she ran the Surgical Crew for Millwall fc
Dear sweet Jesus! If the bloated hag in the picture is representative of the other 49, he deserves a bloody medal, a real one. Walt or not, my hat is off Sir, you're a braver man than I. :wink:
He seduced them with his lies — and bizarrely mowed their lawns for them.

What a quote! Can I have my own walt please, pretty please? Does that mean an SAS walt would offer to do the DIY!
Is their a regiment structure walt! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Surely just turning up for a date with a woman like that would guarantee you sex... Punishment enough having a photo of what his "conquests" look like in a national paper!
The Scum said:
Victim ... Sharron was conned by Dall
You SURE love??? I think HE was the one conned! 8O
what it didnt say is that sharon said she is a 19 year old leggy blonde.
ugly people going bump just doesn't do it for me period.
I would throw that sort of thing on a bonfire after collecting £3.50 at the station.

YUK -some men dont have standards and other's are just downright mentally retarded !

We are not getting the full story here. There is obviously something far more sordid but unreported, because "mum of five" Sharron is quite obviously a man.
Actually having seen one of his conquests on the report makes you think the rest were of an equal standard - nothing to brag about then poor sods must have been desperate on both sides. Still turning up in uniform eh spot the Walt few self respecting servicemen would turn up in their work clothes for a date now come on! they got suckered for one reason they wanted to believe - a shame but true.
As if any self respecting Sgt in the Paras would meet birds in an internet chat room - a) they cannot type :) and b) most I know prefer the face to face confrontation and would know when to conduct a tatical withdrawal from a moose encounter!

If he was looking for munters, by God it was a target rich environment. They must have a collective IQ in the minus score 8O 8O

Well done for good drills at plugging in and letting off rounds. :twisted: :twisted:


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