Yet Another Victory For Terrorism

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Jun 12, 2008.

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  1. First I would just like to say: David Davis I salute you sir.... well done that man... hope you kick the shoit out of the Trotsky Labour Junta in the election.

    So why Yet Another Victory For Terrorism?

    <Rant Opens>

    Answer: The ultimate aim of terrorism is divide and rule, revolution against the state, a change of laws and regulations that will ultimately cause a once peaceful people to rise against the state because they feel oppressed. Every-time this weak kneed labour Gov make changes to the existing law in the name of fighting terrorism - they are handing yet another victory to the people they CLAIM to be fighting.

    This country has fought the toughest and the roughest terrorists to appear on the international stage in modern times, the likes of Hitler, the IRA, politically Stalin, communism and right wing racism.

    And now and only now, because a very very small number of racists have chosen to attack us, the Labour Junta in their tradition of knee jerk reactions have handed those who would attack us a victory on a plate.

    No doubt without this new 42 day law to tackle terrorism, we could be attacked within 45 mins...

    <Rant Closed/>
  2. Labour won't stand. It is Cameron and his cohorts who will feel the pressure, divisions will be revealed.
  3. The thing that worries me about this 42 days thing is this:

    We have seen and heard of local and central government using 'Anti-Terror' legislation for other purposes. Spying on mothers to make sure their kids live in the right school catchment area springs to mind. How are we supposed to trust them not to do the same with this legislation?

    Saying that, is there any hope that the Lords will pass it? I rather think not.
  4. I'm with Legs on this one. How long till someone gets banged up until their local authority has carried out a forensic examination of their household waste to ensure that they are recycling correctly. Yes I know its an exaggeration but under this shower anything is possible.
  5. Unfortunately Legs the Govt will then invoke the Parliament Act 1911 (1910?) which gives the Commons the right to force the Lords to accept a Bill. Not sure if that requires a vote in the Commons, but as long as the Govt retains its majority...

    Oh, and serious kudos to DD, I like the man more and more (and there are very few politicians one can say that about).

    Is it me or is that a bit too much of a Current Affairs type answer for the NAAFI? Ahem - Dwarf-porn, rimming, reach-around, felching etc. etc.
  6. parliament act. Thanks Lloyd George, you cunt.
  7. beat me to it. Yeah was 1911 but was formulated 1909-1910 I believe, Land tax sticking points and all that melarky.

    *ahem* outrage, wah, panda sex, disabled child joke
  8. Philandering Welsh cunt at that :x
  9. Perhaps... but the ROE outside the NAAFI is a bit pansyfied for me... I like to call a cnut a cnut and fek em all.... the long and the short and the labour w@nkers.
  10. yeah I hate short people. the fcukers are up to something.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You're talking like the Lords hasn't already had its knackers removed by ZanuNL for opposing some of its more ludicrous policies in the past.

    These days, the Lords is unlikely to be able to veto anything other than the brand of tea served in the back rooms.
  12. I wouldn't put it past them to detain certain Lords and Ladies for 42 days covering the period of debate in Another Place.

    One of the many things that got my spleen doing somersaults was a Labour Minister claiming that the Davis by-election was a 'waste of public funds". Apart from the sheer hypocrisy of that statement, I thought: what a typical NL attitude to the exercise of Parliamentary democracy.
  13. Absolutely... at the next general election the Junta are going to intern anyone who publicly declares their support for the opposition - who are now seen as terrorists under the descriptions handed down by the NL Junta. And don't kid yourselves... Hitler managed to murder 6 million Jews without anyone batting a fekkin eyelid... and the first thing he used.... FEAR.



  14. Much support for the BanjoBill outburst..
    This Government dont realise they are here to Serve the people, not Control...
  15. If anyone else comes in here and agrees with me, I'm gonna go next door and kill all the neighbours... just so you know... on your head be it... it's not my fault. [​IMG]