Yet another Trade Restructure?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Goodfella, Dec 3, 2005.

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  1. Am I correct to think that there was a recent meeting (SOINC level) to discuss yet another trade restructure? Excuse my ignorance but is this an ongoing discussion? Does this happen every year?

    Although I completely agree that the Corps has to evolve and move with todays 'modern army' standards what further changes, restructuring or moves are we likely to see and benefit from if at all?
  2. AS and RS Ops to merge into ICS Ops (training to be modular based?)

    Similar trade names for techs etc

    First TA trade course has already run (ICS Ops (UK Ops) Class 3)
  3. Yes and techs who fail their T1 crammer will be retraded to Supply Tech(blanket stacker) or be given the brown envelope. :D
  4. Yeah and it left a lot to to be desired :roll:
  5. so please enlighten us what does the ics stand for? not a whahhh!
  6. isnt it Information & Communications Systems or summink like that?
  7. ^Yep thats right, not aware of the content though.

    However all operator training is meant to moving over to a modular system, which in theory gets soldiers through the factory quicker (but with large gaps in their knowledge as they have to return to DCCIS to learn the relevant module to their post).

    Wasn't the AS/RS Op reorg supposed to be for Falcon/Bowman equipment (and now its deemed wrong)?
  8. CIS - Communication Information SYSTEMS
    ICS - Information Communication SERVICES

    Subtle difference between them....