Yet Another Teacher at it!

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He was just setting the record straight. After all, tugging one out in front of your stepchildren can be misinterpreted as an act.

doesn't sound very straight to me.


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Probably never.
He’s 87.
It happened 43 years ago.
If France deported him now they’d have to clarify why they didn’t deport him earlier.
best leave it and target some Doris in her 90s who played a minor role in something very bad that happened when she was a teenager.
That's no way to talk about Mrs Macron!


The French public didn’t seem too bothered about the hunt for Megan Stammers from what I remember. They thought U.K. authorities were over reacting.
To be fair, how bothered would you be if a Yank brought his 17 year old girlfriend over here because he wasn’t allowed to shag her at home?
He would if he were family
or if they were married.

A friend of mine was 18 when he married his 16 year old girlfriend in Ohio. That was all fine. He became her legal guardian as well as her husband. One night in Spain, on exercise, drinking copious amounts of wine, he told me one of the funniest stories I ever heard.

He was a 19 year old USAF techy and she was 17yo and still a high school student. One night (Maybe it was a weekend), they were shagging so hard that she could barely walk. As her guardian, she asked him to write her a note to be excused sport. "Sure thing." He wrote the note and passed it to her with a wry grin on his face. "**** YOU, you asshole!" she shouted as she threw the note back at him, "I can't take that." Apparently he had written in the note, "*****, cannot do PE today as she is still sore and is having difficulty walking,"


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Tight arrse s

I would contributed a tenner towards a corwdfund / gofundme


I can throw in 10p towards a dictionary for you.


What is it with teenage boys these days?
We spent our time dreaming of shagging our art teacher, not dreaming of going to the bloody police if she’d let us do her.
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This had a deadly ending as a former caGE fighter bf murdering his ex who was a teacher having an affair with 15 year old lad (who also got the crap kicked out of him). As it happens there was also a blackmail involved . Also the victim was an ex Copper, an ex screw. Changed professions to teach in the jail and then turned her attention to school teaching.




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