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Yet Another Teacher at it!


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Majority verdicts of 11 - 1? Which sad ****** thought he wasn't guilty?




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Wonder if strap on be admissible for evidence in the proceedings down under ...


Where else are you going to use one?

Hes claiming their holy matrimony is strong as ever LOL

Thing is, we all have teachers who had a "reputation" deserved or otherwise.

We had an English teacher named Mrs Ainscough. At that age anything over about 25 falls into this inderterminate "older" bracket so she could have been 35 as much as 55 for all I could tell. Rumour control said she liked to sit on the front of her desk for 5th Yr English and flash her knickers and if you were truley gifted you might get a glimpse of bush a la Fatal Attraction. There were reports of a sweaty patch on the desk where she sat and the fable of the 5th year who got a nosh.

The truth is she was a miserable hariden who hated teaching and the kids she taught even more. She had a particular chip on her shoulder for putting down anyone who showed any ambition above what she considered their station so she more than likely resented her own working class roots and had the inverse snobbery of someone who probably escaped the bleak existence of many of the kids she taught and was terrified some of us might not only do what she did and get an education, but might even do better in life than she had. The chances of her noshing off a 5th year from a working class town were remote to say the least.

Now Miss Clyne in English. BOBFOC! Her visage had, at some point, been well and truley battered by a bad case of chicken pox and she was a heavy smoker, but she was definately younger than she looked because of the scarring and on the odd occasions she wore a tighter skirt or top, god those hips and tits were like a porn star. Shame she had a face like a melted welly where the fire had been out out by being twatted with the back of a frying pan.


So we are on the same time frame, so it must have been a thing back then as this was around '92.

The fact is, she was not in the least unattractive and I will admit to having had a couple of moments where the "chikka wakka" music started playing in the back of my mind with the imagery of all the filthy things I'd love to do if I could be certain that her parents weren't about to walk downstairs and I wouldn't get caught or accused of rape or fatherhood as she used to flit past on the mornings I crashed on my mate's couch. The thing that always brought me back down to earth was the car crash my life would have become if that happened (and in fact this was in the summer between my 1st and 2nd year at Uni and within weeks of going back there as a lad at Kings College who had his life trashed by a student who falsley cried rape after regretting a drunken fumble and no part of me wanted to go through that). Besides, I think she just got off on being a tease even though the older BF was slipping her a crippler and actually did get her knocked up a few months later.

The fist I knew of that was seeing a full page interview in the Daily Mail and thinking to myself "that family, and the girl looks famiiilllllllll.......ooooohhh FUKC!) My mate was at Welbeck at the time and this was pre-email and interweb so I have no idea how that publicity affected him, but I can imagine that he was made to feel uncomfortable by the parent's decision to tell the whole world their underage little girl had had her back doors bust in and matey had legged it leaving the families to face the music and deal with the consequences. I did wonder though when I saw him sat on the floor in the living room in front of them literally groping her and sticking his tongue down her throat what the fukc they were thinking just letting that carry on, especially as he was about 17 or 18. I would have brayed the little fukcer and the rozzers would have turned up to find his knob in a pickle jar severed at the root if that had been my 14 year old daughter.

Very early 90's I was doing some cash in hand roadying for a local R&B band as well as playing the drums with them for the odd gig when drummer was at work. Band had a summer residency at nice posh pub south Blackpool, away from the tourist shite. A regular cpl got chatting to us over the weeks & they'd hang behind while I was packing the gear away & loading up the cars with amps & cases. They had a very fit daughter who looked my age - mid/late 20s'. Her parents knew my age after chats we'd had after gigs. They also ended up travelling to see the band at one or two gigs we played within 20 miles of Blackpool. Known them about 4-5 weeks & the missus gave me a piece of paper with their number on it said that Sarah (the daughter) hadn't come with them that night cos she wanted her mum to pass her number to me see if i was interested. Too right thinks I.
Week after & cpl of innocuous phone calls she's there with her folks & we carry on chatting, she's with me most of evening as i'm farting round with wee sound desk & light rig doing the roadie thing. End of night, bit of kissing & I ask her about me driving up to see her one eve in the week for a proper 'date'. Try to sort times, can't do early evening. Why i ask? Cos I don't get home from school until 7.30.....ok thinking she's at college or uni doing a course or I ask...what College you mean? Nope, school.
Stepping back a bit i ask her how old she was.
15 comes the reply.
Flabber well & truly ghasted & I fair shit myself. Told her I couldn't go out with her, sorry but bye bye.
Told the blokes after she'd gone & each of them had daughters same age as her & they were as shocked as I was. Not cos she def didn't look her age but that her parents had pretty much engineered the whole thing & were fine with a 26/27 yr old bloke carrying on with their 15 yr old daughter.
Weirdly, although i remember she was fit, I can't remember what she looked like at all, but can remember her parents very clearly.



So... I wonder what civil and criminal penalties that little oik could be hit with. There are bound to be some, and more than likely enough to make that teacher really rather rich if she happens to be in America.
Arthur two sheds, black cat whatever.

Me and my mucker while at Kirton lived off camp and every weekend used to party in Maxine Carr's flat after the pubs kicked out, this was approximately 94/95 timeframe wise. Nobody rattled her it was just always " I can hear music" moment's.
I don't know if she was with Huntley then or not, what I do remember though was the shiver when I was sat with Mrs RM v1.0 and her mug came up on the news and thinking "forking got away with that one boyo!"
So... I wonder what civil and criminal penalties that little oik could be hit with. There are bound to be some, and more than likely enough to make that teacher really rather rich if she happens to be in America.
Let's not treat it too much of a laughing matter. Since he likes photographing bums who's to say that lad won't grow up to be like this freak