Yet Another Teacher at it!

This is a sad example to be putting on arrse, not the typical atta boy case. This example has been getting a lot of attention over here not merely for the teacher and young lad point, but more due to the fact the boy was 11 and mildly retarded. If you think you really went to the wrong school and missed out being in the special needs class that she was teaching, your education must have really sucked........
I hadn't realised that NAAFI had done PC, but while we're at it, how terribly insensitive of you; 'intellectually challenged', shirely.

If you can't take a joke, stay out of the NAAFI Bar.
I really did go to the wrong schools.

'He testified the relationship started when he was 11, and that he and Winfield had sex more than 100 times in several hotel rooms around the town of Alpena. The alleged victim testified that he was placed in Winfield’s special education class and the teacher took him on trips and to a football game before showering him with gifts like bikes, fishing gear, a guitar and amp, and expensive tennis shoes.'

Teacher, 38, 'had sex with an underage student over 100 times'
but could you afford to buy the kids such expensive presents?
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Combat indicators present:

1. Carrying a bottle of water because of the constant need to hydrate. In April FFS.

2. Walking around with phone in hand because you KNOW that second it takes getting the phone out of your pocket could really inconvenience you.

She's clearly barking.

Still would though
I wonder how she feels about vulnerable 62 year olds?
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