Yet Another Teacher at it!


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really shite reporting, everyone was asleep at some point, and not having sex..

Philp-Parsons had sex with one of the boys while her husband Jake was asleep upstairs and slept with both boys within the space of an hour on one occasion


Even at 17 i had some taste, **** me that is gopping. OK, i was already in a snazzy itchy uniform when i was 17 but i was more intent on something a bit firmer & more nubile. That ******* horror looks like it belongs in a burnt down Zepplin hanger!
I liked the .

'He felt pressured because it was her house and he did not want to do it but did not know what else to do.

I'd have been straight at it at 16.

Bit different to the last one, this one is old and fat. No doubt her 'lovers' were halfwitted chave with taste in women to match, well they've had the burgers, the Kestrel lager, a go on the clunge and now it's compo time. Thus the chav circle of life continues.
'You have left a trail of destruction and significant distress for a number of people.' Oh come on, get a sense of proportion, she's big but she is no Godzilla!
I may be wrong in my opinion, but I personally have the same view as Auberon Waugh, who said (about a similar incident), that if a boy is seduced (is that necessary?) by an older woman, then not only has no crime been committed, but he is a very lucky young man.

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