Yet another smug cnut that needs a good shoeing

bloody hell ! for one second i thought it was about me !!!!


"Is that a wallet bulging in your pants or are you just pleased to see me? "

Source: Serious Totty. Generic.


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Gosh. Yet another cut 'n paste from the Daily Mail from vvaannmmaann.

It'll be women driving cars and Guy Gibsons dog types wearing suits next. The world has gone to hell in a handcart.

You finished with that copy of the Brit Expat Times have you? May I? Cheers.
Having not watched channel 5 news for some time, I'd forgotten quite how stupendously hot Lara Lewington is.
His idea, his site, his effort, his enthusiastic approach built it up. As Jarrod says it's a useful site. He doesn't rip people off, in fact quite the opposite.

Good luck to him
Shame the idiots in government wouldn't listen to his ideas to put financial lessons into the national curriculum.
Lara Lewington has very nice tits:
Unlesss you took his advice to get a fixed rate mortgage or put your money into Icelandic banks of course.
Just out of interest, what do you do all day to generate 12000 posts in 4 years.... apart from being a jealous cnut?

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