Yet Another Salisbury Crawl?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Dale the snail, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Bank Holiday Weekend?

  2. Weekend After?

  3. After the Army/Navy, I am never meeting any of you again.

  4. What is a crawl?

  1. Is anyone interested in having a shimmy around Salisbury at the end of this month or are all your diaries full?

    Bank Holiday Weekend or the weekend after?
  2. Sounds good - Im darn sarf anyhoo!

  3. Poke it slug... :D
  4. Nicey, and yes Poppy, we can go back to the pub we went to last time, my legs are getting old now too.

    Ostvic, I know what you voted for, and it doesn't matter, you are too young to drink anyway and shouldn't be in chat.
  5. Shippers, you wouldn't know where to put it.... 8)
  6. Fokker is up for it!!
  7. Is it too early to start a list? Or should I wait until I get dates?
  8. i could do the bank hol w/e if someone could put me up!
  9. Bank Holiday weekend or the one after is fine by me (and yes I know I owe you drinks and money Dale) :)
  10. Can I have the sofa bed?
  11. Dale, Why no option for Diary full?

    Silly girl 8O
  12. c'mon Slugs...are we doing this or not and if so when!!! Bank holiday please!!!! :D
  13. With 2 weeks to go, and the majority of you saying you never want to meet any of us ever again, I think I will call it off.

    That's a big fat lie. Bank Holiday Weekend it is. For all the masses who have bothered to reply, Chez Slug it is, bring dossbags and beer tokens. As in the last Salisbury Crawl, you can only have my bed if you are pregnant. That means pregnant before you get here, not on the night. :wink:
  14. Only if the Mrs lets me
  15. I will have words with her.........