Yet another reason to beware of 15 year-olds.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ExplodingTrousers, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. Source: The Daily Telegraph

    So - is this a preemptive bid for funding? What's going on?
  2. Ah! So when that urchin asked me this morning for "Penny for the guy", Osama was the guy he had in mind...
  3. My first thought was - "Why isn't this in the NAAFI?" :oops:
  4. Briefly, it works like this:

    Al-Q> Islam 'n that
    Chav> Sweet
    Al-Q> You want in?
    Chav> Yeah
    Al-Q> Prove it, set fire to something
    Chav> 'Kay.

    Over simplification somewhat, but them's the dry bones.
  5. Probably more along the lines of:

    Al-Q> Why d'ja just set fire to that?
    Chav>Dunno. Bored.
    Al-Q> Here's a tenner. Tell everyone it was jihad,'k?
    Chav> 'K. Sweet.
  6. That works too ;)
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Chav> Got any money, or gear?
    Al-Q> Islam 'n that
    Chav> Yeah, sweet, but it ain't doing my fix izzit?
    Al-Q> nah, but yoo want ho's 'n sh!t too innit!
    Chav> wot, b!tches?
    Al-Q> Bling too!
    Chav> wkd
    Al-Q> See that Nova?
    Chav> yeah, just nicked it 'n pimped it, check out the baace!
    Al-Q> Join mah crew, 'n I'll get yoo a proper pimped up chariot, with flames cummin out de back-end?
    Chav> So, wot you chatting den?
    Al-Q> Yoo and your homies join mah crew, 'n I'll get you way high, with b!tches, bling and a way pimped out chariot THAT FLIES, homie. You want in?
    Chav> Yeah
    Al-Q> Prove it, show me yoo a real dog bro.
    Chav> 'Kay.
    Al-Q> sorted.
  8. You're suspiciously familiar with the code, biped. Expect a visit.
  9. Indeed. Your nicked!!
  10. I think Biped is safe enough. I mean come on who would believe that that conversation was real?

    For a start at least 50% is spelt correctly, there is no where near enough L33t txtspk and the whole thing isn't dripping with wanksta slang.

  11. Matters not.

    Queens Regs clearly states... and I quote, "Your Nicked" :D
  12. A new and newsworthy revelation from the head of MI5!? I heard the last one - WMD and 40 minutes!

    Scared I am not!!

    A self-serving, self-justificatory statement from MI5 which I am sure will protect and increase it's budget within the desired bounds!
  13. Well done Iolis .... great to know I'm not the only cynic on this thread!!! :twisted: :x
  14. biped lives in hastings and has corned the market in supplying knives crossbows and airguns to chav scum (well it keeps there numbers down and the survivors give sussex plod target practice :twisted: )
    so actually its a public service innit
  15. Three more reasons to be cynical:

    a, He is the brand new head of MI5.

    b, He gave the speech to the Press Association to receive maximum reportage ahead of tommorow's Queen's Speech and guess what is in it? Yup another Terrorism Bill! :roll:

    c, the so-called public 'debate' on the government's intention to legislate for extended detention beyond 28 days started yesterday because the government said the debate has started and they are the only one's debating it!

    We are being mentally 'psyched up' for yet more draconian legislation. The spin merchants who co-ordinate these announcements actually believe that if we are scared enough, we will be prepared to accept just about anything! It is a measure of the contempt they have for the electorate who they think will believe anything they are told 'cos it's on the telly!'