Yet another question of Walts...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Flagrantviolator, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering... is Walterosity a purely Western affliction, or do all cultures have them?Perhaps there is a Islamist "pubwalt" at every tea-counter in Saudi? Or Masai walts pis.sed up on millet-beer with rusty spears dancing about in sub Saharan Africa?
  2. I'd imagine there's a couple in the East too. I mean, look at Saddam - thought he was gods gift, and how about that terrorist killed by a couple of 500lb'ers.

    He had himself down as a hard man and a weapons specialist. He couldn't even cope firing a M60.
  3. I dont understand what it is with you people in here, what is it with walts you keep wanting to out, instead off outting them, why dont you start outing the kiddie fiddlers and rapists, theives and such

    Walts get found out in the end, they really dont do any harm anyway

    I bet nearly everyone in here has 'bigged' themselves up to get their leg over or get a pint free

    But I suppose you all like to 'big' yourselves up by outing a walt, sad people
  4. Easier said than done.
  6. That's not what I meant at all. What I meant is I think it's easier said than done to get rid of the above. I'm not saying "GET RID OF WALTS" 'cause I don't think I have a right seeing as though I'm not in the army, yet.
  8. I have another theory...

    Attacking first is the best form of defence. Maybe all the walt-finders are in actual fact shiny arsed chairborne IT consultants who happen to own the boxed set of Ultimate force? :wink:

    Its quite outragious really!
  9. My bold.It has been ordained by the 1964 Council of Bill Oddies that 'bigging yourself up to get a leg-over' is legal for soldiers, and is regarded as good drills by anyone with a newly slimy c0ck.
  10. So how many medals have you bought on ebay? I bet you were there on the balcony at the embassy weren't you? :roll:
  11. Because there'd be no fcuker left to post on here?

    Walts should be shot, as should you, you boring cnut.
  12. because they're not as funny as walts are.
  13. Hard to say which one its more fun being though.
  14. you would never believe how far i went to get my leg over once!!..... i had to watch ALL THREE Lord of the Rings films.... it was traumatic but worth it!!
  15. To be honest I agree, there are some cases of Walt hunting that are just stupid. If it is blatant walting ALA "Capt Sir Alan" then they should hang, but Walt hunting is becoming infectious.

    An example: I am currently being Walt baited by an ex Pte Soldier (3yrs and out) purely on account that he doesn’t believe someone of my rank will have an accent like I have.

    His main ammunition is that I attended a Remembrance memorial last Sunday with no medals (which are in my kitchen drawer and will stay there for the foreseeable).

    I refuse point blank to prove he is talking a crock of siht, and am struggling with the rage whilst I await him to actually try and make enquiries about me (in order that his humiliation is public).

    Again I have never claimed to be a knight of the round table, have three MC’s and matching duvet set, but it appears the virus of walt hunting is attacking normal every day boring humdrum service and ex servicemen.