Yet another PLCE webbing question

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by flipside, Mar 16, 2006.

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  1. Probaly been covered already so apolgies in advance

    Question is regrading the issued plce webbing belt , the black belt buckle is a pain in the arse is there an alternative? (Belt/Buckle) or a modification that can be made?

    if so were can i lay my hands on one?


  2. How is the buckle causing you dramas? Never had problems with mine, although admittedly I dont have a beer gut forcing the clip undone :D
    Seriously, though, what's the problem? Some guys whinge about the belt being pulled through the buckle when the pull it tight, but that only takes half a second to correct.
  3. Yes, probably has been covered. After spending millions of pounds in the development and procurement process it's amazing they got the PLCE belt so wrong. I've not heard anyone complain about the buckle itself - the main gripe seems to be the way the belt sags down and curls at the rear of your body. I've heard the '58 belt is preferred option for some - you may need to widen some of the slots for the pouch clips (if that's the correct terminology). I'm sure BCB do an alternative version too.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    But a piece of roll matt folded over cures that problem.

  5. Roll mat? That must look rather gash - isnt a hippo pad more widely used to correct this? In my experience, the belt doesnt crummple at the back if it is full ie: there is more than just water bottle, utility, x2 ammo and shovel holder on there. The structure of the pouches on the belt keep the whole thing flat against your body.
  6. Thanks for the info

    i dont have either problems i just dont like the size and design of the clip :< any u guys used the roll pin style of belt?

  7. I've used a roll pin belt to get rid of the normal buckle - it's OK - takes some work (although, to be fair, not a great deal of work) to get it setup.
  8. 'Roll mat? That must look rather gash - isnt a hippo pad more widely used to correct this?'

    Errmm .. WTF

    Are we talking about soldiers and quick, effective fixes, or models with photogenic attire?

    ... what it looks like, come on fellas!!
  9. As the QR buckle is 60 mm ,there are no other buckles in this size .
    also the new version now comes in a kaki colour against IRR , I've a couple in my workshop.