yet another need help with application thread

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by sidefx, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Alright lads,

    I'm applying from Ireland and have a few questions regarding the form itself. As I'm not on the NHS, I won't have a number, so do I leave that section blank? Do I include my birth cert and passport numbers even though they will be an Irish numbers? And do I include any other documentation, aside from a possible continuation sheet?

    Oh and one more thing. In section 2.12, Job/Branch Preference, can you give an example of what they want me to put in there?On the website I've been looking at the jobs section, and positions such as Gunner Radar Operator and Gunner Observation Post Assistant appeal to me. Is this what they want to see in this section?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    What is the form that your trying to fill in? If you're unsure and haven't been told what to write then speak to your recruiter, better to get it right first time than look a mong.
  3. Absolutely, I don't need any egg on my face when it comes to an application form. ^^ It's the AFCO Form 4 (that's the only serial number I can find on it) I don't really have a recruiter as I simply sent off for an information pack and got this along with some other material. A BARB test booklet and some parental information support leaflets. :?
  4. You should have a leaflet that explains exactly how to fill that in.
    Other than that call the AFCO and just ask.

  5. Hello mate,

    Fill in as much as you can, As for the NHS stuff leave it blank, If your havng problems contact the RO and they will help you mate,
  6. Thanks for the replies and pm's lads! I'll be getting right on it and trying to get my shoe in as soon as possible! Thanks again!

    Actually while I'm here. I have a lot of interest in the MLRS and Gunner Observation Post Assistant jobs, but I assume these positions are not available in the Royal Irish Regiment. Do I forfeit the opportunity to be part of such a team if I join the Royal Irish. I'm a little confused so excuse the ignorance.
  7. I wouldnt worry about it, you might have applied online for the Army but you wont be getting anywhere near getting in without going to a recruiting office, and despite it being an official application form i reckon i could just about count on one hand the number i have actually received that were correctly filled in :D

    The Royal Regiment of Artillery jobs you mentioned are strangely enough Artillery jobs and not Infantry ones so to answer your question, you wont be doing that from the Royal Irish Regiment.

    What i dont understand is why you are thinking of joining the Royal Irish in the first place if you want an Artillery type job, at least wait until you have sat the BARB test before worrying about that ;)
  8. Ok that's great,cheers for the response. See it's all so clear to you because your around it all day every day but it can be a little bit confusing to someone who's freshly looking at such roles. When the Royal Irish subsite says "we recruit from all over the island of Ireland" it leads you to believe that other regiments do not. If I want to find myself in an artillery regiment I need to apply for it at the beginning,correct? There can be no such changes down the line? At least not for a few years I would imagine. If I were to call a recruiter, would it have to be using contact details form the regiment I ultimately wish to end up in? Sorry again for the mind numbing questions but I have to ask.
  9. Well ring up your local AFCO and if that's the application form you have fill it in to the best of your ability, and then over the phone book a barb test.

    Take the form along, query what you're unsure of on the form, fill the bits you missed out and then you'll do your BARB + Entrance exams usually