Yet another medical question

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by C.Norris, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. Got my medical on the 1st, plenty of topics on this but apparently one can be deferred with bad teeth.

    I understand if you have a set like sunny jim firelighters and look like teethal weapon ya could get those beasts caught in a trip wire...

    I have a perfectly good set of nashers bar 4 of my molars which are decayed and falling to bits...

    Just wondering if the tooth inspections from a 'doctor' ever flags up any fails or if anyone has any experience of this... and no
    I don't look like the guy from the pogues before the smart arrse team enter the topic.
  2. Just go to the dentist and get them sorted your breath and general pissy pants attitude is making me want to hurl
  3. The guy from the Pogues had his teeth seen to.

  4. Excuses excuses, hope to **** you dont join my mob.
  5. get ya teeth sorted you scrote, the amount of mongs like you i have had to deal with cos ya cant be bothered!,

    BONE IDLE!!!
  6. Typical, I'll wait for a serious answer as I rush to get the floss out...
  7. well how bad are they? and instead of waiting for a serious answer...(long wait) why dont you see a dentist....NEXT!!!
  8. Ok, considering dentistry is not on nhs no more, I have not been in a long while, until something really hurts me I wait till the last minute, when it cost 30 bills to get someone to tell me that I have a problem (which I already know) then whatever it costs for the root canal he said I needed back then (over a year ago) I have not been in touch with dentist since.

    Now where I live it is hard to find a dentist near me that are taking new client on, maybe not really hard but as I said it isn't hurting me so after having a brief look, finding no one local and adding to that the cost, I say **** it and don't bother... Now as it turns out from being 'BONE IDLE' and not sorting it in the first place I have left myself open to possible rejection from the services... I understand why as being on training, tours etc would limit me to treatment it should be done beforehand...

    However I am still in this situation now, with little time to get even the best dentist to take me
    On, with me having all the money to pay, to get my (what I would Say
    Minor problems) sorted before deadline day.

    And my breath is quite pleasant thanks :)
  9. You haven't even got off your arse to find a dentist, proper self-starter you are. Idle wretch.
  10. Tried mrs. Jarrod but her pubes kept getting in the way
  11. Lol falls at the first hurdle
  12. Proper little bright spark we've got. With a bit of training he might be able to use a head dobber.
  13. Just go for the medical and hear what they say. You can always apply again if they fail you after getting some treatment. Sounds like you are more in danger for failing because you are a twat!
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