Yet another media mess


Here from the BBC about a bunch of Australians publishing photos from.... wait for it!.... 2003!

The people in the photos are being courtmartialled, the President of the US of A has given a grovelling apology, but no, that isnt enough for these people.

So how will we be able to identify between soldiers attacked because of NOTW images/video and this latest piece of muckraking?
I find it odd that all of a sudden these stories are appearing in these troubled times. It's almost as if we're willingly inciting dramas.

SBS is a Government owned station I believe.
A cynical part of me says that it is all part of Murdoch's plan to put the UK and the US into as bad a light as possible in order to make us unpopular in Oz; then they declare independence and one of his brats gets installed as President (for life). It will probably happen at the same time that B.Liar gets made President of Europe.

Now were is my tin-foil hat?
It's on the same hatrack as mine. Personally I thought it was a plan to incite as much unrest as possible , so Iranian SiS can really get stuck in , then we can re-spin the stories to say "Iran behind unrest and backing terrorism" or some such.

More bacofoil please.
Leave some foil for me as well - the timing of these last few weeks does seem to have been one thing after another, just as the previous thing was cooling off a little.

(And a lot of it old as well...)
Feels like the media is acting on behalf of the terrorists etc. Yes I agree with what they're saying, but, why not go straight to the government? By releasing videos and pictures of the type seen recently the press are risking the lives of the blokes on the street.

Surely by publishing the offending material and causing more people to (maybe) turn against the UK/US etc in troubled areas, they (the press) are making the job of securing the country harder AND potentially making it harder to actually withdraw from those countries, thereby making the problems that the press whinge about (not enough troops, troops dying, possibly more scandals, having troops in unpopular countries yadda yadda yadd) go on and happen for longer.

On those grounds the press would be contributing to the problem. Although on the plus side for them it would keep the stories going for longer. Guess it all comes down to making money no matter what the human cost.

Waffle out.
How strange that the media will not print the cartoons for fear of inflaming Islamic opinion,
but it is more than happy to kick off and then fan the flames they start by printing old news.
A finer example of moral cowardice I have yet to find. If this isn't proof of an orchestrated
media assault on us, I don't know what is.


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Since the previous thread is locked, I hope PTP won't object to this from today's Defence Net:

Investigation into video abuse allegations now RMP's top priority

The Ministry of Defence can confirm that a serving soldier has been arrested in connection with very serious allegations of abuse arising from video footage obtained by a sunday newspaper.

As at Monday 13 February 2006, investigations were ongoing to identify all personnel involved in the video.
A serving soldier has been arrested in connection with the allegations and items of evidential value have been seized. The arrest took place at 2018hrs on Sunday 12 February 2006.

The MOD can also confirm that the 1st Battalion The Light Infantry are assisting The Royal Military Police with their enquiries.

The investigation into these extremely serious allegations is still at a very early stage, and is the Royal Military Police's top priority.

In an earlier statement, on Saturday 11 February 2006, the Adjutant General's Chief of Staff, Brigadier Martin Rutledge, said:

"The images in this video amount to very serious allegations. We can confirm they are now the subject of an urgent Royal Military Police investigation. They are disturbing images.

"We condemn all acts of abuse and brutality and always treat any allegations of wrongdoing by our personnel extremely seriously.

"The Army always initiates a Royal Military Police investigation whenever serious allegations of wrongdoing are made. This fulfils the Army’s obligation always to uphold the rule of law.

"By way of background, whilst acknowledging that these are serious allegations, I would remind you that over 80,000 Servicemen and women have served in Iraq since military operations began. Only a tiny number are alleged to have been involved in incidents of deliberate abuse.

"The Army has a continuous and rigorous process of learning lessons from operations. We do that on the basis of knowing the facts. This emphasises the importance of the Royal Military Police conducting their investigations to establish those facts.

"The Royal Military Police are the people best qualified to conduct this investigation; their professional skills are benchmarked against Home Office standards, and they are soldiers too, who understand the operational environment.

"The most important thing is that we now establish the facts. No-one can or should say anything that prejudices the due process of law and you will appreciate that it is therefore not appropriate to comment any further while this investigation is ongoing."
I have posted Cpl Ripper's EXCELLENT "Support our British Troops" in my window. I urge all ARRSE readers ( including Sergey,Arik and Ctauch) to do likewise....

Le Chevre

I'll let the Defencenet announcement stand, but once again, discussion on the specifics of the case will get the thread locked. There is something very odd about the way this is going.


As was mentioned on the now locked thread the NOTW normally publish a follow up. Perhaps this is simply an attempt to keep the whole "abuse / aren't our soldiers awful" thing on the front page until that occurs. I have to say that Perevodchik has an excellent point, which is worth considering.
I see the press are now publishing more of the original Abu Graib photos. They seem to be deliberately stoking the fire.
The more I look at the pictures the more they remind me of boys service in the mid 1960's, perhaps I should be more shocked than I really am, but I just wonder what is "missing" from US military training to end up with a f**** up of this scale.
" I just wonder what is "missing" from US military training to end up with a f**** up of this scale."

1 - Don't take 'what I did on my holiday snaps' showing crimes or happy slapping either!
2 - Don't be a pilot and later a Sec of D and say in effect 'we have are 2 cd's of this which are even worse' ie 'Osma if you know how to use photoshop now is your chance'

It doesn't matter if they are real, remember the ones really fired the Danish problem (like the one showing a dog f**** a praying Muslim) don't appear to have been in the Danish paper


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SCoy said:
Where can I find this excellent support poster?
Either from the estimable Cpl_Ripper or in the ARRSE gallery where I uploaded it yesterday.

This is a gif and my local Graphics ( Thanks Steve) turned it into an A3 Landscape laminated copy in the twinkling of an eye...I have three spare copies in front of me...PM me if you need one.

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why are three year old stories being dragged out at this time?

its as if the media has decided news from iraq is getting stale and a little boring and they are stirring the pot to drum up interest.

traditionally summertime in iraq is the time for unrest and public disorder as many of us have learned through personal experience. little disputes can quickly become violent disorder on a large scale. i was involved in policing a riot which we believed started when one man stole a bottle of water off another when they were waiting for their payments. in the incredible heat of their summer tempers are short and the lazy,idle or just down right belligerent latch onto any reason at all to cause trouble

the 3 year old photographs and video footage can only have one purpose at this time and that is to cause the coalition forces trouble. there can be no other reason for dragging them out yet again. it is to all intensive purpose "OLD NEWS" and the guilty personel have been found and punished.

the old news stories are being used by unscrupulous news media magnates to sell more of their product by creating situations in which more of their type of sensationalist reporting can benefit. they are releasing heavily edited versions of the truth and ommitting major parts of the stories. in todays newspapers there are countless references to "fresh allegations" at Abu Graibh prison but no mention at all that ALL the guilty parties have been sentenced and are in prison.

why has no-one in authority been asking the questions of our media? why are they no longer accountable for the stories they publish? Isnt it time to bring the media themselves to justice and to hold them responsible for any disorder arising as a result of these stories?

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