Yet another medal question

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Harry Paget Flashman, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone help me to identify some of this group?

    I've got some of 'em

    Civil OBE
    Military MBE (didn't know both could be worn together but hey-ho)
    Order of St John
    *Blue ribbon* - no idea
    Silver Jubilee Medal
    Golden Jubilee Medal
    Territorial Decoration
    *Cross on a predominantly white ribbon* - no idea
    St John's Long Service (I think?)
    Red Cross Long Service (I think?)

    Can anyone confirm these?

  2. The OBE, MBE cannot be worn together, the OBE take presedent.
  3. a picture paints a 1000 words.

    The St.Johns has a black / white thin alternate striped ribbon.
    (my old troopy used to wear his 'one St John Gong' much to our amusement!!)
  4. The cross looks like a Military Cross, shouldn't the Jubilee and long servce medals be on the right as we look at it with the OBE, MC etc on the left with the other stuff in the middle?
  5. couldn't get the picture to open, just 'ickle box with a red cross in it!
  6. a civil division OBE and a military division MBE can be worn together
    the blue ribbon looks like a UNHQ service medal
  7. It's definitely NOT a Military Cross.

    The chappie concerned is a TA Colonel and (knowing him reasonably well) I really can't imagine his order of wear being wrong. Or him wearing something he ain't entitled to.
  8. I thought they all had striped ribbons. I know it ain't a great pic, but from what I saw, it didn't seem to have the central globe that UN medals have.
  9. Fair enough the ribbon looks similar to an MC though.

    I was always led to believe medals went Honours/awards, Op Medals in the order they're earnt with Jubilee lsgc acsm etc at the back
  10. 10 medals without a single campaign medal in the group is good going of royal proportions! :p
  11. UNHQ (New York)

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  12. With regarded to the light blue, the only ones I can find that could possibly be worn that high up are:

    The Royal Guelphic order, a Hanoverian order not issued by the British since 1837 (however the royal family of Monaco can still award it as the heads of the Royal House of Hanover)

    Or the

    Kaiser-I-Hind (Emperor of India), although never officially rescinded, ceased to be issued after the passage of India act in 1947

    Or more likely

    The UNHQ medal issued for 90 days service at the UN HQ in New York planning and implementing new UN missions

    Hope this helps

    Edited to say - See Above :D :D
  13. Sorry mate but they can't. The OBE, regardless of whether it is civil or military, takes precedence over the much so, that you have to give back the MBE before you receive the OBE. What this bloke is doing in his miniatures is saying he got an MBE for his military career, but an OBE for a civilian job. Fair do's, it is a rare thing to get both, but you do not wear both.
    You do not, for instance say, Lt Col Blimp, 3rd Foot & Mouth, OBE (Civil), MBE (Military), TD.
    You would just put Lt Col Blimp, 3rd Foot & Mouth, OBE, TD.
  14. Although I cannot say for fact, that is my understanding, the higher award in the same division (Civ or Mil) takes precedence, otherwise the post nominal would be for example:

    MBE (Civ), or MBE (Mil)
    And he would be

    OBE (Civ) MBE (Mil)