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A friend served till recently as a Special Constable, as well a being in the TA. As a Special she'd been awarded the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and the Special Constabulary's equivalent of a Long Service medal.

She will soon be attending a wedding where she's planning on wearing her Army No.2 dress, but is unsure as to which medals she can wear on her uniform. As she has no medals awarded by the military this is really a question of which would be eligible for wear on her No.2's.

We're pretty sure that she's safe to wear the QGJM as we've seen Princes Harry & William wear theirs even though they got their medals before they entered the service.

What of the Special Constabulary Long Service medal though? Guidance from above has been ambiguous and I can't seem to find the relevant regulations that would cover this specific (and admittedly esoteric) case.

Any offers?
She can wear both. There is a lovely list of the precedence of medals somewhere in The Big Red book (QRs) and several DCIs/DINs which cover the wearing of all medals. However on this one you may take Cuddles word without a reference, The Special Constabulary Long Service Medal is an approved decoration.
Cuddles is absolutely right.

Police and fire service ls medals are sovereign awards and can be worn in military uniform.

Even SJAB medals are awards which can be worn....

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