Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by missmoneypenny5445, May 17, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know if JPA holds an individuals details (as per unicom) eye colour, height, hair colour, etc
  2. Why? Are you after a date?
  3. Well if it does we haven't found it. Remember lots of UNICOM fields were not migrated to JPA and these may have been among them. Have you tried looking in the medical details area?
  4. Would that be the area that only contains PES and Blood Gp?
  5. Anyone found history of postings (Assignments) or Theatre details???
  6. Paywog, I don't think that transferred, you need to get access to the Data Depository which is on the MS site.
  7. We seem to be having problems locating the termination officer role...way over strength and no way of getting rid of them he he he
  8. haha nice one,

    I believe you can change your religion and thats about it, most other stuff will still be controlled, just to stop good eggs giving themselves MBE's, VC's etc, save that for the politicians.
  9. Can't we set up a direct debit to pay for an honour?

    (how much is a peerage?)
  10. why would u want to see that info anyway? i know what colour my eyes cos im fooked

  11. i tried to change my religion, but as there's no drop down list of choices in the "religious requirements" box its impossible