Yet another fuckwit.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Monty417, Apr 23, 2011.

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  1. NIGEL THE COCKATOO......or Nigella The Cuntortwo.

    Is this dreary dimwit really Crio the Paedo lover at it again or just another attention seeking fucktard?
  2. There's a difference? Seems to be using the same posting style as A Day Later
  3. That had occured to me also, but who the fuck was that? We know it was a sock puppet when caught out by a Mod, might be Errol.
  4. The blind leading the blind. You cunts kill me.;-P
  5. Goes to show you've reached the hallowed few of Arrsers who've picked up internet stalkers.

    You lucky thing.
  6. Nothing to be chuffed about, being stalked by the piss flaps that have been wrapped around a Paedo's tiny todger.
  7. I hadn't realised I was being stalked. Is there a helpline?
  8. And it has double Thrush too.
  9. As a bird "yawns" its crop tightens, moving food from the crop into the digestive system.
    Thanks for helping out Monty, I was getting a bit bilious there.

    Looks a lot like you couldn't manage this bird without help. Shame. Tell you what ahm a gonna doo Monty:

    Open a new account - don't worry, it won't be a secret, I'll tell you the name, when the times right. THEN, ahm a gonna send me a PM predictin the future.
    When the future becomes the present I'll forward the PM to you; it'll all be dated, so's you know you're not being conned. Sound like a plan, precious?
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  10. Ooooh scary!!!!!

    Take your head for a shit spunkdribble.
  11. Suicide note maybe?
    Lets hope
  12. Monty, Monty, Montaaaay, 2300 BST - your thread's been alive six and a half hours - and you've 11 posts. 12 including this one. Of these 12, 5 are from you, and 4 (including this one) are from me. This leaves 3, one from each of: crow-bag, whose linguistic analysis of the idio- and sociolects in my posts leaves rather a lot (well, everything, actually) to be desired; ark-angel, whose epigram bears no relation to the quote that precedes it, and, last (but by all means least) Jungleism, of whom I have no more to offer than to observe that his username appears to be an expansion of the term 'Jism'. Quite.

    One should remain wary also of the possibility of one, more or even all of the above named correspondents being your fuckin' shills, Monty love.

    In summary then, I reckon you're lookin' as much of a cunt as Nigel, poppet. Obviously, you've lost some of your chavalry to the Resurrection Celebrations, but still a pretty poor show on balance. Better get blowin' that bugle you old fruit you.


    Immediate post-script: It appears Lucy Lucy's up and about; likely to have had a few as well. Maybe your post count'll look a bit tidier come the morning. Pop in and see once you've had your Power Rangers easter egg, there's a dear...
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  13. attention seeking fucktard!!!

    you called?
  14. Thirteen.

    Relatively harmless. Apparently psychic. Not academic.
  15. fuck off cunt I'll have you know I've slept through lectures in two universities and several colleges just ecause I don't spell check doesn't make me thick

    all the lead paint and wax crayons I ate as a kid do that
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