Yet another flawed review

FFS the same old tripe being repeated. How often have we heard the mantra of stripping ut the support base to deliver funds for operational capability.

Naval Capability Review

Yet again the bean counters will be directing where savings should be made/mortgaged on the promise of jam tomorrow :x Seems thta nothing has been learnt abouot the filaings of frontline first, options for chnage SDR and SDR New Chapter. Each time we have stripped capability and resources out of the base infrastructure on the promise of resources to be channeled in to the delivery of new systems in some never never timeframe. The base is a fundamental part of the preparation and poise of forces, this something you cannot contract out and something that is pretty difficult to put a value on so will always be viewed as low hanginng fruit by the numpties in the Centre.
Trouble is that we have too many Naval Bases for the current and projected Fleet. Whilst it sounds shocking to shut a Base, remember that we have closed them in the past to no real detriment - as long as they keep shrinking the RN, then we have no need for larger Bases. A lot of the current real estate has been rebadged (DOLPHIN from submarines to RAMC Blockhouse, etc). The Dockyards have a lot of wasted space that was almost addressed with Project Prime (the selling off of space to housing and business), and we have quite a few civilian companies working from inside dockyards under partnering initiatives.

To be honest, we already pretty much know what this "review" is going to say, this is just a way of formalising the recommendations. We can expect to see some fairly large areas of the dockyards sold off, with the possibility of one closing altogether (if you look at how the Fleet has been reorganised, you can see how they have been planning for this!). It's not a disaster, the RN doesn't fight out-and-out sea battles anymore, it's more of a support service/ferry service - this is the culmination of the littoral warfighting reviews that have taken place.

Shore bases are also up for closure, but the movement of SULTAN to another location was mentioned on here months ago - it's not rocket science! We have (the RN) become a body with a very small teeth arm but a bloated tail. It needs looking at, but they also need to look at the civilian manpower rather than just the Service manpower. When the RN changed under the STLB. everyone thought that we would be unable to function with the reduced admin support. Truth is that we have found that we don't need some of the admin support we are left with.....

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