Yet another English book on the French Waffen-SS

Excognito said:
fantassin said:
... for the legally recognized government of France, in support of the Allied war effort ...
legally-recognized by whom? Petain was the legally-appointed head of the French government that formally signed an armistice with Germany in 1940. Were Le Clerc and De Gaulle fighting for that government?

No he was not, we are talking about an event (Bad Reichenhall) which took place in May, 1945, and Petain was then a thing of the past. Leclerc and his men were acting under the orders of the GPRF which had been created the year before.

For more info, see below:

The Provisional Government of the French Republic (gouvernement provisoire de la République française or GPRF) was an interim government which governed France from 1944 to 1946, following the fall of Vichy France and prior to the Fourth French Republic.
Following the Battle of France in 1940 the state of Vichy France had been established under the rule of Philippe Pétain. However, after Operation Overlord, the liberation of Paris and the fall of the Chambois pocket, the Vichy regime dissolved. Jurisdiction was then seized by the Provisional Government under the leadership of Charles de Gaulle in the wake of the Allied front lines moving through France.
the_boy_syrup said:
IIRC there was a programme on T.V. (Possible Nazis a warning from history) and they intervied a French SS soldier he had one arm and an eye missing but had no regrets and would do it all again

If it's the same one I'm thinking of, it was a Belgique - Jaques Leroy (HERE from around 5.40 onwards).

After losing an arm and an eye in battle, he volunteered for combat duties again, "so as not to fall into mediocrity and to stay with my friends".
Yes, the W-SS did attract some weird people...on the French side, a certain Norbert Desire, a black man from the French West Indies even tried to join ! Shows how well informed many were on the policies this organisation was supposed to enforce...

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