Yet another e-petition

First off I’ll apologise since this may very well be my first and last post. I tried to get in touch with the admin to get permission to make a one off post but for some reason I’ve had no reply, again sorry for this being a bit spammish.

To cut a long story short I set up a petition on the PM website (did I hear someone groan at the back?) with a pretty modest aim of demonstrating the public’s support for the forces and their dissatisfaction with the government’s policy. Right now I’m spending my spare time going around the major internet groups that might have an interest and letting people know about it before looking for other publicity avenues; so without further ado here’s the URL…

I know this is probably a futile waste of time but it’s a decent cause, it’s my time to waste and signing up only takes five minutes so as far as I can see there’s no excuse for not giving it a go. For less than a month though it’s done pretty well and is just over half way to my first goal of getting 500 signatures which is the minimum needed to get a govt response.

I hope you’ll all take a look and sign up but more importantly tell anyone and everyone you think might sign about it and badger them until they do!

Thanks for reading.



PS – Is the admin the same on here as on Rum Ration, Rear Party and E-Goat? I was hoping to post a quick message on those as well so if the admin see this can you let me know if that’d be ok? Thanks.

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