Yet another draughtsman query

What's the day to day running like as a Draughtsman (design)? I'm interested in transfering and kinda wanna get off the shop floor and into the more artistic side of life like drawing, i'm pretty good at technical drawing but it does get boring, how much of this do you do in training and how much at regiment, also what's the scope for doing "different" things, like graphics, menus, logo's, illustrations?

Also at the 4 week test phase do you get any input as to whether you can go specifically for a trade... I'm getting the impression if you score high you HAVE to go Survey and if you don't do aswell you go CMT?
The better choices on the DCCT are Design Draughtsman and Surveyor. If you go to an STRE you will be very busy doing a huge variety of tasks from buildings, roads, reinforcing etc.

If you do well you do have the opportunity to pick what trade you want.

What a lot of DD forget, especially as a Class Two, is the word DESIGN! A Class Two does have this capability and a Clk Wks should be able to give a Class Two a task to get on with and that's that. Unfortuantly I have found that there is a huge range in ability. Some can be trusted to get on with things and others need a huge amount of supervision.
Unless you just scrape the Class 2 there is no such thing as a Class 3 Design Draughtman. Very occasionally if somebody only just passes the course they are awarded Class 3 status and can be upgraded after 12 months (I think) if recommended by the CO.
At what point can you be sent off on tour?
My rectruiting officer seemed to think as soon as Phase 2 was over, spoken to other lads from other regiments who seem to think for anyone as soon as you're officially a professional soldier (therefore after Phase 1) your fair game to go and after searching through some of the topics on here it seems to be a regimental thing to wait until part of your trade training is done.

Also got DD as my first choice. Now my doctors have only just stopped pissing around with my medical I can get down to Pirbright to get my selection out of the way.
Your recruiters are a bit out of date when it comes to current Corps policy. Current Corps policy states that only personnel who are as a minimum qualified Class 3 Combat Engineers AND have passed their entry level trade course can deploy on operations.
Cheers. So that's what a little over a year if your not in holding for longish periods?
Maybe. Basic training is now about 4 months, B3 is about 3 months, allow a month for holding and getting your Cat B, 4 weeks on Design trade assessment then 9 months on your course. This is of course, assuming that you can do all of it back to back.
And assuming the following -

- You get posted to a unit due to go on tour
- you then get placed in a squadron slated to go on tour (not all squadrons deploy together) and not on rear party
- you arrive early enough to partake in pre-deployment training, medicals, kit issue etc
- you have no administrative/disciplinary issues which would prevent you from deploying (court, family issues)
- you don't make a bad first impression and therefore convince your staffy that you're a knob and better left behind.

....then you will go on tour

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