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Yet Another Chat Mod!

Is this perchance linked to the wider reductions in Defence Spending and general ruination, decay and destruction of the Army and everything military? I suppose ARRSE should reflect the Army that it (partially) represents and therefore any reduction in quality and investment in the Chatroom is entirely appropriate and consistent.
Agreed that the new chat is feature-lite compared to Flashchat (its predecessor). I've just been in there and made a few changes to the layout which hopefully have made it a bit more intuitive.

Unfortunately Flashchat was always a bit of a dogs-dinner in terms of its integration with vbulletin (main ARRSE software) and started playing very badly with the version to which we upgraded the site earlier in the week. It has also taken us (well GCO) about 4 days to figure out that this was the case. In the interim you've all seen how badly the site has been working.

Bottom line is that the new chat is much less likely to cause these sorts of issues which is why we'll be sticking with it for the time being! Sorry.
BCO - its not just feature light, its also an awful UI having the text entry box at the top of the page, above the comments field. Is there nothing else worth looking at?

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