Yet another bunch of Jobsworths

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PE4rocks, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Couple banned from a shopping mall for life.

    Their crime?

    Taking photos!

    A link was put up on the Multinational Thread to this site;

    Global Incidents Map ( Tin foil hat optional)

    It led me to this article.

    Torygraph article

    How very dare they take photos in a shopping mall.

    Words fail me.

    MODS feel free to move this to the NAAFI.

    edited for lack of reading and copying ability.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Calm down dear:

    Pam Gillard, the manager of the centre, said that taking photos was a security risk, but not because of a terrorist threat, and that the Sparshotts were welcome back.

    So, no life ban. And it's from the Torygraph, not The Times.

    Far too much spluttering and harrumphing.

  3. So how is taking photo's in a shopping centre a security risk?
    Did they snap some lazy arrse of a security operative having a quick snooze? Accidentally capture photographic evidence of lower prices on women's underwear? Poke someone's eye out with a telephoto lens?
    What gives?
  4. They could be taking photos of security systems/SOPs before planning a raid on a local jeweller/bank?
  5. Ummmm. Yeah. I'm trying to understand that, but if these security systems are visible to the general public, all it would take would be a working memory, no photo's needed, surely?
    I wonder if they'd stop someone from drawing on paper in there?
    It just seems to me like we've moved on from planet Earth to a new home called 'Exaggerate any little fear' while I was asleep one night
  6. <grin>
    1.I have, but I was prepared to be outraged.
    2.There was, initially, it seems.
    Hampshire Local
    3.I think if Rum Ration were to get HMS Collingwood personnel avec cameras up to take a few shots, that would do nicely.
  7. You mean, like the whole team does a walk through on the ground, before committing the crime :D
  8. I agree, but hardly surprising, it comes from the top - remember John reid (when Home Sec) statin that terrorism was the greatest potential threat to this country since WWII. Er, anyone remember the USSR, imminent nuclear holocaust etc, oh of course not John you were a marxist back then. This from the same people who always used to vote against the PTA. Terrorism is a real threat but hysteria just doesn't help.
  9. Exactly! Walkthrough talkthrough, ex-pats from the Costa del crime I suspect! What better cover than OAPs? I suspect that there's more to this then meets the eye.

    I would be asking them where they were in the weeks preceding the Brinks-Mat caper! :wink:
  10. Rather than terrorism, isn't it very much the fear of terrorism, and the atmosphere of pacifist appeasement and positive discrimination that goes with it, that is the greater threat to this country?
  11. Unfortunately *security* and *elf n safety* are now regarded as unarguable excuses for doing anything. That is why our boys need to get stripped off on the tarnmac at Birmingham Airport.
  12. Have you ever tried making a model from memory? :p
  13. Why yes, it was an Airfix Hurricane IIB as I recall...although my memory isn't what it used to be.
  14. The staff say don't take pics, don't take pics, simple really?

    What's the problem?
  15. during gulf war one some dozy saudi cop(aged 18-gun belt bigger than him),pulled us over to seize photos we took of a refinary(we didnt-he must have been at the sid).
    anyway the muppet drew his revolver on me.
    the lads all pointed several wepons of various calibre at him.
    he put his gat away.
    i cleaned up my undies.
    we pushed the iraqis out of kuwait.
    perhaps he is an asylum seeker now and working at the place above?