Yet another BOWMAN/RSigs/re trade thread


Anyone done Advanced Signaller course and/or JS System Manager??? Any points?

From what I can gather the courses are just over 17 days (3.5 weeks in TA speak). They cover class 1 and RSWO/YofS subjects respectively. Adv Sig doesn't appear to have any pre course requisites but the 2nd one requires Adv Sig .......

Hoping to do both courses this year if I can wangle it.... hopefully I can feed a bit of input in unit training...

Clues on retrade??? Need to convince some people that soldiers with advanced Training Objectives don't need to be taught to a lower standard... (yeah it is a bit of a joke, I had to go through a similar 'downgrade' retrade a few years ago).


Ah ha.... found someone to answer those questions...

No doubt I may see some of the internal flak he caused in a very short while..... (moi)

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