Yet another boot thread! Lightweight with good support?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tartan_Terrier, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a new pair of lightweight boots. I've got a pair at present which are very light, and comfortable, (great to run in) but have all the ankle support of a pair of tartan slippers. This means that tabbing through rough terrain at night with heavy loads is a bit like an accident waiting to happen.

    This is them here:

    What I'm after is something similar, but with a lot more support for the ankles.

    Are these any good?

    Or does anyone have any other ideas? I'm not after a heavier boot before anyone recommends Pro-boots or similar, as I've already got a decent pair of boots for winter use.
  2. Lowas provide excellent support I have a set of the combat ones and they are excellent a bit on the heavy side but worth it for the support. They were a bit annoying to run in for the first few weeks but after that didn't really have any problems. I would go for the lowas.
  3. Have a look at Altberg TT. They have a good range of lightweight boots, and although I've not tryed them myself, I know those who have swear by them.
  4. The Defender Microlite is the one everyone raves about. Don't think you'll get any lighter without compromise to ankle support.
  5. Looks good, and even lighter than my current boots (they're 680gms). Only problem is the height!

    I forgot to mention that they must be at least 24cm high.

    BTW it's not because my trousers are too short!
  6. I've recently (last 18 months) moved from Matterhorns to Lowas - Combats are fantastic - but they did make my knees sore for a week or so as they broke in. They are warm and reasonably heavy though. Most recent purchase is a pair of the Sleekers (to which you link above) temperature-wise cool, the pair weigh less than one of the Combats and very, very comfy. Oh and worth 50 seconds off a 2 miler...
  7. If you've no issues with cordura, Meindl do a lightweight combat boot. Don't know how it fairs with ankle support, but it's a highleg boot.
  8. I think "ankle support" is a bit of a myth - after all, you can carry a monster load in bare feet without your ankles collapsing or exploding. About the only boots which actually provide a mechanical ankle reinforcement are ski boots...

    I've had danners/matterhorns/lowas and about a dozen other types of military boot, but these days I usually just wear Altama jungle boots (black or desert) or the near identical issue boots hot weather, even in winter - they are light, well ventilated, comfortable and the quickest-drying of any boot bar none.
  9. I swear by Danner strikers!

    90£ without and 110£ with gore-tex.

    They are high and offer really good support for my absolutely shafted feet and ankles.

    They also have the benefit of having a hybrid sole which is equally suited for urban work and feel good on slippy, muddy surfaces!
  10. Altberg do microlite versions of their taller boots. Ring them and ask about their 'field and fell microlite' boot or the 'sneeker' boot.

    I own a pair of defender microlites and they are the business. Have tabbed over quite a few hills with no ankle problems at all.

    Why must the boots be at least 24cm?
  11. The powers that be have decided that they've got to be so high. I'm not sure of the reasoning behind it though.
  12. Be carefull with the soles on them (Meindle) as they wear out pretty fast! (well they did on my Desert Fox anyway) But, support wise they are good - :D