Yet another Blonde!

Blonde decided that she needed to earn some pin money and thought it would be a good idea to try painting and decorating.
First house she went to, standing in it's own grounds, she asked if they needed any painting or decorating, the householder said, "Well, we could do with the porch painted,but how much would you want?", "How about £50" said the blonde.
"Well, that's fine, I'll get you the paint".
She set of with the paint and the wife said, "Do you really think that's fair, she probably doesn't realise the porch goes right down the side of the house as well".
He shrugged, "That's her problem, she gave a price and I'm happy".
Three hours later, the blonde arrived back.
He gave her the £50 and she said, "I had some paint left over, so I've given it a second coat as well".
"Wow, that was very good of you", he said.
She tucked the money in her purse, and turned to go, then turned back.
"By the way, it wasn't a porch like you said, it was Lexus".
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