Yet ANOTHER Blonde story

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by oldflyboy, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Guy walked into a bar around 9:58 PM
    He sat down next to a blonde at the bar and stared up at the TV.

    The 10:00 PM news was coming on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump.
    The blonde looked at Bob and said, 'Do you think he'll jump?'
    Bob says, 'You know, I bet he'll jump.'
    The blonde replied, 'Well, I bet he won't.'
    Bob placed £20 on the bar and said, 'You're on!'

    Just as the blonde placed her money on the bar, the guy on the ledge did a swan dive off the building, falling to his death.

    The blonde was very upset, but willingly handed her £20 to Bob, saying, 'Fair's fair. Here's your money.'

    Bob replied, 'I can't take your money, I saw this earlier on the 5 PM news and so I knew he would jump.'
    The blond replied, 'I did too; but I didn't think he'd do it again.'