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Discussion in 'RLC' started by YoGi_93, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. The respect I have for EOD teams in this country is through the roof. Id love to be a part of them but im not sure if I have the stones for it. I was wondering if anyone could help me or convince me to take the plunge? Give me a bit of information on the day to day workings of an Ammo Tech. I know about the ranks needed to operate as an actual EOD technician but of course ultimately that is the part that makes me a bit a wimp ill admit that bit. But id love to be a part of it can you just tell me what sort of things id be doing how id be doing it and perhaps some casualty and fatality rates compared to infantry? I read somewhere AT's are less likely to be injured because they of course know where the ordnance is...the troops that find them did not.

    Also can I apply straight off to be a ATO or do I have to work up to the rank? And what actually is the difference between AT and ATO?
    Cheers I really appreciate any help I can get
  2. Whats the worst that could happen? You could die.

    You could also not bother, become an accountant or other safe job and be killed in a traffic accident.

    You can't foresee life.

    I didn't know if I could do it either. But that was the ultimate challenge.

    As for info, there's plenty there. You just have to search for it.
  3. Don't be an accountant, that's what I am and I am waiting till Feb next year which is when I can apply for the army and then see if I am prepared to do it. It's easy talking about, I honestly believe at 1 in 3 men in this country "wanted" or "want" to join the army but doing it and going though with it is another thing. The way I see it is read up what you can, get down the AFCO and talk to them (it's the starting point) and you'll know if you're up for it when you the wheels in motion.

    There is LOADS of info on this forum, it's been a fantastic source for me so far that is for sure.

    The only thing I have failed to find out is about my possibility of going officer. I have AAT Technician Level 3 which was one of the only NVQ's to be awarded UCAS points (160 of them) and an AAT Technician Level 4 (first year degree). I was hoping that might allow me to go the Officer route but apparently not. I was informed the 180 UCAS points required MUST include 2 seperate A levels, but if you have a degree it bypasses it.

    Anyway, I wasn't trying to thread hi-jack just a mini rant this morning since there is nobody in the office :D

    Just search for Ammunition Technician on the forum, there is shed loads of threads out there mate.
  4. If you need convincing then there's your answer.
    If you think about it in terms of death/injury rate then then your looking at the wrong career.
    You won't gain much by going officer route apart from pay (I did have to go to ASofA to find that out). And not all AT's end up in Defence EOD/IEDD.

    ATO is usually SSeargeant and upwards, AT is the other ranks.
  5. Cheers lads ill get down the careers office. The risk of death doesn't make me not want to apply, the thing that scares me is getting caught in an explosion and living with amputations. I cant explain why but that scares me more than loosing my life all together. Its the only thing stopping me applying to be honest.
  6. It happens. There are two of us who suffer multiple amputations. You learn to live with it and there's more than plenty of support out there.

    Anyway, it's unlikely to happen to you and you have to believe that to do the job.
  7. Injured in the line of duty dingerr? I suppose if you want the job enough you'll go get it no matter what. Ill just have to do my research and put some thought into it. As I understand once moving up the ranks to 2/ic or ATO you get posted to an EOD team here in britain? Then do not go on overseas operations like afghan until passing a high threat operators course? Is it voluntary then overseas ops or not? Ive looked at other threads on here but none seem to answer the high threat operator course. Theres a chance the details would have been edited as I read it in the book Extreme Risk. Its a fairly good book but of course it says in the prologue that some terms and techniques will have been edited due to security.
  8. Yes yogi, I stubbed my toe.............

    On an IED.

    Go to the careers office, get the information there regarding RLC careers Ammunition Technician and Ammunition Technical Officer. Also look them up on the Army and RLC websites.
  9. Cheers digger cheers lads. Ill have a look around and go to the AFCO thanks for the help.