Yet another AT Question

Hello all.

I'm 26, and currently in the process of joining ze army. I've sat my barb test, and made my job choices. First was Ammunition technician.

I've read up on (most of) the information i can find using the search engine, however i'm wondering if i might ask those in the know a question.

Question is: If i fail my phase two for ammo tech, for whatever reason, what happens then?

The reason i'm concerned about this, is i'm taking a bit of a risk, joining the army an all. I'm currently in a decent job, and i have bills (who doesn't). I really dont want to find myself in the doll queue because i failed phase 2, with bailiffs knocking at the door.

Any help appreciated!
you will be known as a biff and a waste of the armys money, after that you may have the option to transfer to another trade. I t all depends which trades ares recruiting at the time. Also mate, most of us who joined the Army took a drastic paycut.
mattrlc said:
Also mate, most of us who joined the Army took a drastic paycut.
I got a massive pay rise probably the same as most who joined up.

Leatherhead, you will be given the options to transfer trade as the Army will already have spent tens of thousands to get you through basic training. Most jobs should be open to you even outside the RLC.
As you will be cap-badged RLC - you would probably go to supply trade as a matter of course (certainly used to).

No reason to be concerned - there is no black magic about AT course. You learn stuff, you prove you have learned it in a series of exams and practical tests. Greater challenges come later at upgrading and EOD courses, when knowledge and skills are tested in more tactical ssituations. If you do the work on AT course and don't spend too much time on the razz in nearby towns, there is no reason you should fail.
Thankyou all for you're replies, very usefull, and my mind is eased somewhat. I am well aware of the pay though, its actually not that much less than what i'm on now, and at least there's massive scope for improvement on that, in time :)

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