Yet another Army 'Scandal'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Feb 13, 2005.

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  1. Female Lt cops off with more than one bloke - whoohoo what a scandal 8O :p Sound like an average saturday night in the Mids.
    IMO I hope the 'internal investigation' will not come to the conclusion of her abusing her power of rank, it takes two to tango.

    I'm stunned she was able to move so quick :)

    [Mods - sorry this was supposed to be in 'Int Cell']
  2. Without a doubt a tramp and should be discharged ASAP, not because she is female but because she has abused her position and brought the Army into disrepute ohhh and she got caught :D :D What surprises me is that the report appears to have statements from serving members of the TA shooting their mouths off........ 8O wtf? cant they keep their mouths shut when a journo comes near them.... twats
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Pretty sh*t story really. TA lieutenant shags TA JNCO - well shock horror. I doubt if MOD Main Building will be quaking on Monday morning over this one.
  4. More typical Mirror trash making a sensational story out of much of nothing. Okay, it may be a dicipline problem and needs to be sorted out, but if it was about anything other than sex the paper wouldn't have published it. Besides, being a story in the Mirror, who knows if it wasn't made up, a hoax or something similar?
  5. What planet do Mirror journos and their readership live on? A conversation you’ll never hear on this planet;

    "Corporal, I find you very attractive and I’d like to shag you".

    "Sorry m’am, I couldn’t possibly shag a superior officer, even one as attractive and willing as you".

    Jail those who abuse their position by intimidating weak subordinates for their own gratification but consenting adults having sex is not news.
  6. daz

    daz LE

    The PTB could always charge her under section "69" of the army act :p

  7. OFFS!

    What a load of trumped up trash! I bet it took them ages to think up such a witty headline as well.

    Fair enough for the girlfriend to complain about her bloke sh@gging some other bird but why not sort it face to face with the woman? If no satisfaction then take it to the "proper channels". Does no one do conflict resolution properly anymore?

    If this 'Julie' is jumping anything that moves fine. Did it affect how she did her job? If so she needs a word in her ear. If not what the hell difference does it make. Is it just because she is a woman? I really hope not. Some bloke she slept with for a while and then stopped seeing but "stayed friends with" gets his nuts in a knot about her regaling him with stories of her other conquests.

    "Fell under her spell"???! FFS 'Ian' get a life or some gonads that work and perhaps she would have stayed sh@gging you.

    Could have easily been sorted with a nice cosy chat in a nice quiet office with a "Don't be such an obvious sl@pper next time."

  8. I say bounce her out - she has let down her soldiers and failed a basic leadership test.

    It looks like this has also failed the service test.

    Soldiers need to have faith in their leadership, especially on operations. What confidence would one of her troop have in talking to her about a G1 issue, when it is plain that this officer is at least duplicious? She broke the rules, compromised her subordinates, destroyed the unit dynamics/ coherance and lacks integrity.

    So what faith would any of the other soldiers have in her?

    Throw her out and soon.
  9. Anybody got any pictures?
  10. Hootch, don't you think she may have taken the lead from a certain Royal who has announced his forthcoming marriage to a woman with the face of a horse? 8O 8O 8O 8O
  11. fair call
  12. A woman having sex with a man - we must alert the village elders :?

    It's a sad reflection of society when papers have got nothing else to talk about.

    An anyway, she stoops for the troops - how much more leadership do you want?? :D
  13. going back to the "any pictures" bit, is there any. I say good on ya lass. :twisted:
  14. Anyone else find the link entitled 'printable version' at the foot of the rag's web page a tad ironic? Wouldn't it be great if the story really did get put through a truth-checker. Your printer would be spewing out reams of blank paper.
    If religion was supposed to be the opiate of the masses, then this dross has got to be the equivalent of crack cocaine.
  15. OK, about turn.

    Male officer sleeps with female JNCO.

    Get a grip - its all wrong, TA or not.

    You can **** up, but you can't **** down!