Yet another "another" medal question

Discussion in 'Medals' started by dante242, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. A friend has just mounted these, The "gentleman" perports to be ex Guards and AAC, no name at the moment, all the medals are copys as the real ones are kept safe, this has been discussed on the BMF, your thoughts gentleman

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  2. Is this the LE Major they were on about
    It does seam an improbable group all theoreticaly possible but improbable the fella would be famous in the AAC so over to Air Corps blokes
  3. ....Yes, possible but not with the AAC, SF perhaps ?
  4. It is in theory possible, the QSJM is a bit weird though as I believe the were only given out to those who did something worthwhile not like the QGJM

    What I find strange is the LSGC and DSO, to y knowledge DSOs have only ever been given to officers, even after John Majors reform, this means he did his time for LSGC (18 yrs looking at the era of the others) in the ranks, got commissioned and then did something in a command position, I am guessing during the Gulf War where, I am guessing, he got the Bronze Star

    So we are looking for someone who joined up about 1970, did something in 77 (pos if he was Guards) did no Op tours till 82,, was commissioned by 90, did something in the Gulf that warranted both DSO and Bronze Star.

    I would also like to point out that DSOs generally go to Field Officers rather then Capts And Subbies

    Entirely possible but what a guy

    MBE and MiD could of happened anywhere

    oh BTW The Kuwaiti and Saudi medals should not be on the rack

    This should be easy to track, not that many have got the Bronze Star
  5. He isn't AAC, the only recent DSO I believe we have had is Brig Dauncey and that was in Arnham (VC declined as one was issued that day)
  6. Wellyhead, agree with most of your post but in my experience the Silver Jubilee medals were limited in number and issued to units. In the case of the unit I was with at the time, 3 medals which the OC then decided who would get them. He split them 1 for the Officers, 1 for the SNCOs and 1 for the guys, (he chose to do it in a random draw). No I wasn't one of the lucky ones. Other Units no doubt had different criteria for them.
  7. Welly the "MBE" is actualy an OBE and the MiD is on a GSM so its for Ulster and the kuwati medal is the senior officers version so IF the bloke is genuine you are looking for someone who was commisioned from the guards(welsh or scots becuase of the SAM) and has been awarded a DSO an OBE a metion in dispatches for Ulster and a Bronze Star so this Walt oops sorry this fella should be easy to track down via the london gazette this has got to be up there with that fat bus drivers group from the falklands 25 parade
  8. If this is a Walt, I am suprised he hasn't awarded himself a QGJM.
  9. The combination must be pretty rare (DSO, OBE and MiD in Northern Ireland) so should be pretty easy to research (especially with a QSJM and Broze Star in tow).

    I'm pretty sure the last two were only allowed to be accepted as keesakes and so shouldn't be mounted with the others?
  10. Maybe he should have a 'gong off' with our old fat friend!!

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  11. But that really is a terrible mess. Wrong order, foreign awards before Brit ones.

    Is this chap for real?
  12. I believe he was "outed" with the help of ARRSE by the press locally.
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    From arrsepedia

    The latest in a seemingly endless lineage of Walts, local bus driver and lard arse Barratt achieved notoriety by appearing at a parade in Edinburgh commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War with a chestful of medals that would've put some senior officers in the shade. Weighing in at a whopping 20st. and sporting airborne style porkies, Barratt certainly struck an imposing figure
  14. Well at the moment he has only alluded that they are his (according to the BMF), and untill he puts them up he has broken no law.....I am privy to a little more info but will wait until I get the green light before I let slip the dogs of arrse.....and also wrong forum, if we ascertain they are wrong...mods please move to "walts"
  15. Thanks for that link. Beggars belief doesn't it?

    Some excellent photos of the 'real' chaps though.