Yet another annoying query on Asthma

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I know everyone's going to hate me but I have to ask.

I was diagnosed with mild asthma about 4 years ago and stopped using an inhaler 3 years ago. I have amazingly recovered and had no problems. I am 16 and haven't done PE for 3 years (focused on academic studies, i.e school wanted me to get as many GCSE as they could stuff down my throat) and started training for the AOSB which I don't intend to take until next year. I can only manage 4 mile jogs which I can do in a pathetic 45 minutes and have no breathing problems but a very slight wheeze near the end which doesn't bother me but I can hear it a little when I take deep breaths, and a bit a phlegm which isn't great enough to need coughing up.

I know they are going to get me to do the spirometer test which I am deadly worried is going to be my downfall, plus my female-induced pessimism doesn't help me.

Do I have any chance in hell or am I just dreaming of becoming an officer?

I intend to train, finish my AS levels, get a placement for uni in October-January this year then take the AOSB before I start uni next year, get a degree then attend Sandhurst.


(Can I throw in the fact that my Dad was in the Royal Signals and Falklands war for brownie points or is that cheek?) uh oh I can hear the lynch mob already...


You will need to run longer distances, at a much faster pace. Get training and see how you fair. You have time.
I did 24 years in R Sigs, (74-98) suffering from Asthma, had an inhaler in my arse pocket most of time just in case. On only one occassion did I 'let myself down' had an attack during a gas mask run on RSDCC and had to take the damn thing off. Otherwise no issues. I was a 'runner' by trade (never really got to grips with all that hand eye coordination shit).

But as noted above you need to be able to much further and faster, and theres no soft option, just run and run and run.
I only started running last week so I've cut my 4 mile time down by 15 minutes. I'm trying to run every other day and do a fitness circuit in-between those days to build my upper body strength. Basically, I'm as weak as a cheese string at the moment but I have more or less a year before I go for the Briefing, and advice on training at all is most welcome. I am just afraid my asthma might spark up...has anyone actually been able to get through the spirometer test/fitness test with a bit of a wheeze?
Also, if asthma did rear its ugly head after Sandhurst would I be able to use an inhaler? And do I need clearance from my doctor that I am relatively asthma free before the AOSB?
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