Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by threesend, Mar 10, 2005.

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  1. Just to keep 21 sigs in the top ten , is there any truth in the "duty rumour" that they are moving to Bramcote???..if so when ???.. answers on a postcard etc etc ..
  2. Not a rumour. That was announced to a completely disinterested regiment back in 2002. The regiment is to move in 2008.

    Some very clever chaps did an "investment appraisal" on both Colerne and Bramcote, the idea was to find which one of the 2 camps was worth investing money in. The "winning" camp was to get both regiments shoe-horned in.

    The report was a huge whitewash, finding in favour of Bramcote in nearly all areas. A 2* General told the very clever chaps to go away and do it properly and to stop being so biased. The second report found in favour of Bramcote again, but only by a little bit this time. The very clever chaps were given a firm pat on the back (and an MBE, I have no doubt) and the report was accepted.

    My advice? By a house in Bramcote. Why? Because your chance of going there has just doubled and if you end up going somewhere else, you can always rent the place to the DHE. Do you think there are enough quarters in Bramcote for 2 regiments?

    Personally, I would much rather serve in Colerne. Bath is approximately one million times better than Nuneaton in all respects and Bristol beats Coventry into a cocked hat.
  3. :eek: Personally I think it is a good idea to move to Bramcote !!!!! We hardly ever see any RAF personnel from Benson or Odiham so this idea to put even more distance between us is genius !!!!! Must have been a right brain-storming meeting that one !!! Could be though that this is a cunning plan not to spend any money on Colerne due to the move in 2008,2009,2010, 2050 !!!!!!!!!!

    :twisted: Maybe the crabs have not been told their moving to the Isle of Skye so were all co-located closer to each other yet !!!!!

    PS Where has that little yellow bug gone ?!!!!!!! 8)
  4. Lets not kid ourself that nay move will be for reasons such as location to other units, ease of deployment or any other bone reason the MOD come out with. Azminghur barracks is worth a hell of a lot of money. The money it would cost to move the regiment will be made tenfold by selling the land it's on.
  5. The land its on is probably worth nothing more than the farm land that surrounds it. Be serious, its hardly in the middle of an urban conobation is it :?

    The lands worth fcuk all, in the scheme of things, the hangars might be worth something for storage, and the airfield isnt going to stop the press as "Bristols second airport". Why do you think we're there? you think the MOD looks for expensive places to put its troops? Mate come on!!

    They want you in Bramcote for the same reason as they want a "super barracks" in Bruggen. Its cheaper - 1 cookhouse, 1 qm chain (eventually), a single DHE - the list goes on.

    But then i'm a cynic :)

  6. Yeh i suppose you're right boney, a extremely large area of land just outside bathand slap bang on the M4. Worth nothing more than farmland. :?
  7. the yellow bug is back on camp!! we all had a small parade to welcome it back on camp, it has since been fallen out and made to wait outside the mess. the small man won and truley stuck one up the man.
    well done yellow bug, and indeed its owner, you know who you are!!!
  8. :twisted: ah mooch, Can you feel my winged claws on your shoulder yet ?!!!! :twisted:
  9. its kinda starting to sting, pm me with who you are and we can have a nice little chat next week.
  10. :twisted: No this is more fun !!!! :twisted:
  11. That could be hard as there is fcuk all at/in Bramcote apart from Gamecock Bks (Sorry, there is an old folks hospital as well!)
  12. Wondered why i hadnt seen it on my way to work today. What was the official line then? Bring it on camp but keep it hidden or something?

  13. Hang on then bigfella, i will give Glasgow a ring and stop that move you recently wangled!

    How fcking jealous am i? Hope they are giving you a half decent job, or are you there just to wind down? Cant believe you didnt want to take over from me!

  14. 8O I hope you understood my sacrastic message and did not take it literally that Bramcote is a nice place !!!!!!!!

    Ref my posting I think its time to retire Batman as seemed to have been compromised !!!!!!! :cry:

    ZUI taking over fm you I too am sad that I will not be able to take over as Mess barman. It was to be the pinnacle of my career :wink:

  15. batman, your covertness sucks, i had you pegged a long time ago, would you like me to tell you where you work/what your name is?
    as for the bug, not too sure of details but i do know that the scooby van is now getting flak for not having a new car pass.