Yet again, Im being victimized on here

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lord_Of_All_The_Chimps, Jul 13, 2007.

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  1. I made two valid and constructive posts in the infantry section. One was about improving on the efficiency and function of our airborn troops and the other was about cross dominance (a big issue that the MOD are putting their heads in the sand about). Both these threads were sent to The Hole. Why is this moderators? Is it because you hate black people?

    Worse than that, my Change Raising Con wasn't even worthy of The Hole it seems and that was just deleted outright. I believe I speak for the whol;e community when I say that was an outrage. Not only was that more than suitable for The Naafi it had some very good advice in it.

    Now I'm doing my bit for this forum, and all I ask in return is that I'm not treated like a second class citizen on here. I hardly thing that is too much to ask.

  2. What do you mean by 'cross dominance'?
  3. It's when you are right handed but left eyed. The SA80 cannot be fired from the left shoulder and so all left eyed (and handed) soldiers are suffering.
  4. Its not cos your black.
    Its cos your boring.
    and talk shite
  5. It is because you are a c*nt!!!

    Ok you made 2 valid posts but the other 33 have been utter shite, your a troll and deserve an OT tag
  6. You're*
  7. I tought you well.
    Your spelling is dog toffee though.
  8. hee hee lets all write whatever we want on here because guess where this thread will be going!!

    Does anyone know N**e T******d? He borrowed my VCR in 1984 and I'm still waiting for it back.
  9. Nathan, go to bed.
  10. Go and stand the other end of the gun.


  11. Good, now on your way fucktard.