Yesterdays Warrenpoint Memorial Service at Aldershot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by VanHelsing, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. A well attended Memorial Service took place yesterday at the Military Cemetery Aldershot. The service was conducted by the then Padre David Cooper. The Parachute Regiment was represented by the Regimental Colonel who also made a speech. The Regiment was also represented by survivors and their families and friends and members from all 3 battalions past and present. Athough a sad day marking the 30th Anniversary a coming together of the Airborne fraternity was there to see. A lot of grey hair, or missing hair, creaking bones and lots of reunions from years past.

    This was obviously followed by lots of drinking and falling over, getting back up and drinking some more.

    Lest we Forget the Sixteen members of the 2nd Battalion the Parachute Regiment and the Two members Queens Own Highlanders who died that terrible day and were remebered yesterday.
    RIP Brave Lads

    Untrinque Paratus

  2. Van,seen some of the pics posted on the FOC site, good turnout,
    I'll be paying my repects when I'm down in Nov for the 10 miler

    RIP Lads
  3. kabulronin

    kabulronin War Hero

    Van, thanks for the reminder.

    It was a grim old day.
  4. Never to be forgotten.
  5. Recce19

    Recce19 LE

    30 years!!! Still so fresh in my memory :evil:

    RIP lads.
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    The Service was outstanding, Padre Cooper as always choose his words with great reflection.

    It was good to see so many faces from the past. Well done missy for organising a brilliant event.
  7. kabulronin

    kabulronin War Hero

    It would have been good to see Coops again, what's he doing these days?
  8. He's doing well, never seems to get any older.

  9. Missie

    Missie Clanker

    So many people turning out after so long - lovely to see everyone, our dear friends gone but never forgotten.
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP RIP

  11. Missie

    Missie Clanker

  12. A terrible period and one that is rightly remembered. Cheers for the link Spike.

    RIP the fallen.