Yes, you can be too drunk to be found guilty

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. WPC went nicking at the local Casino, got found out and was, in 40 minutes, found not guilty because they decided she was too pissed to knowingly nick something, even though she went out of her way to steal and hide personal possessions

    Woop woop! Floodgates could open. Woop woop!

    Policewoman is let off with stealing a phone 'because she was too drunk to know what she was doing' | Mail Online

    What does this say regarding other crimes? I thought levels of intoxication or incapacitation by alcohol or drugs was solid in its refusal to be taken into account

    Where does this leave the justice system? I know it's only one case, but will it lead briefs to try this and use the case as a (non) precedent?

    I still would though. It's in the NAAFI to allow plod abaiters to get all livid with rage

  2. Nothing new, coppers have been getting away with thieving since the days of the Bow Street Runners.
  3. Bollocks to the police outrage, if she was capable of walking then she wasn't drunk enough.

    fucking alcoholic walts.

    (yes, I got outrage, walts and police in there)
  4. there ish lotsh an lotsh of stuff I wuld like taken into account, hossifer....
  5. From her FB account. How ironic she's got casino chips . Did she proff them too?

  6. That's a mouth made for noshing if there ever was one. Mind you, judging by the way she's holding that glass a hand job wouldn't be much kop.
  7. i would...but my eyesite is not what it was.
  8. She must have been hammered , as no-one in their right mind would go into Aspers in Swansea sober.

    It's a fucking hole, full of trainered up chavs, Jeremy Clarkson-esque attired men pretending to be flush with cash, and the habitual Asians gambling their take away business money away.
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  9. Oh i don't know. I happen to have a cock that resembles the stem of a champagne flute so i'm quids in.
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  10. Found not guilty by Jury....​were they all Magistrates then?